"Half Restored Headlight"

Have you ever taken a good look at your cars headlights or perhaps noticed you can’t see very well when you are driving at night? A closer inspection might show you that your cars headlights are oxidized, scratched or discoloured. 

Contrary to what you may think this is no small problem, foggy headlights can be serious safety issues that need to be dealt with right away. Dirty headlights can lead to less satisfaction when driving as well as the previously mentioned safety issues. 

Restoring your automobiles headlights is best when done by a local detailer and if you are looking for a Calgary detailing company we have you covered! But lets dive deeper into what goes into a headlight restoration and why you should consider getting one done.

Our Headlight Detailing Method

Our method for cleaning headlights is layered with many micro steps but for this article we will summarize it, this is done because the micro steps can be challenging to follow and we generally do not recommend cleaning your headlights yourself In order to prevent any damage. 

To begin we start by detailing the headlight and finding areas that need the most attention, then we begin sanding the headlight to remove any imperfections, this is done very carefully as we don’t want to strip too much of the headlights surface away. After removing the imperfections we clean the headlight and begin polishing to get your car the shine it deserves. Finally to finish your full headlight detail we apply our protective clear coating that will ensure your headlights will remain clean in the future.

Issues Of Having Foggy Headlights

In the past headlights were made out of glass, your probably thinking what genius had that idea right? The downfall with these headlights was that they broke much easier and could make accident scenes more dangerous. The obvious benefit however would have been that they were much easier to maintain and restore. 

Fast forward to today, headlights are made most commonly made out of polycarbonate, these headlights are much more susceptible to environmental damage. Many factors can affect your headlight but the most common would be acid rain, rock chips, bugs and sunlight to name a few. These elements will lead to the discolouration and oxidization of your lights, while they do come with their drawbacks they are much safer and cheaper to replace when compared to glass headlights. 

Your probably wondering, why should I even bother to restore my headlights? Luckily for you we have a few reasons why it can be so important for you to ensure your lights are all taken care of,

1. Brings Down The Safety Of Your Automobile

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that when you drive your car with foggy headlights your visibility on the road will be severely decreased. Getting your headlights restored will not only allow you to drive at night or on dark roads in peace but will also help others on the road by allowing them to recognize a car is coming down the road. 

Help protect yourself and others while also making it easier to drive by ensuring your headlights are taken care of by a detailing professional in Calgary. We also provide a mobile car detailing Calgary, if that’s something you would like instead.

2. Helps Improve The Look Of Your Car

Sadly, the main reason why people get their headlights restored is in order to make their cars look better. If more people were motivated to get their cars headlights detailed we would have more customers than we could handle.

We won’t argue that simply getting your headlights restored will make your car look great but we hope that isn’t your only driving factor.

3. Raises The Resale Value

Not only will restoring your cars headlights help improve the safety of your car, add to the drivability of it and help make it look much better but it will also enhance the resale value!

Small details go a long way, especially when you are trying to sell your car, we previously covered how important doing a full auto detail on your car is. Nobody wants to buy a car that’s not well maintained or can’t be driven in the night because the headlights suck. Do yourself a favour and choose a good Calgary detailing company to increase the value of your car.

I Want To Restore My Own Headlights

While we won’t stop you from detailing your own headlights we don’t generally recommend it. Many detailing companies also don’t even know how to clean a cars headlights back to its original finish and maintain it in the long run.

If you are set on detailing your own headlights you want to be careful and make sure you follow the following bullets and watch the attached video for a guide that’s better than the others but we still do not recommend doing it yourself.

  • Be careful not to sand away too much 
  • Always keep the surface wet when sanding
  • Follow the instructions if you are using a kit
  • Make sure to only use chemicals made for use on your headlights
  • Do not overuse any chemicals. (Can be tempting to over use chemicals)
  • Detail your lights once correctly so you don’t have to do it again
  • Be sure to cover up your cars paint not to sand it away or get chemicals onto it

Following this video made by Chris fix on youtube will help you restore your headlights but we strongly advise against doing them yourself, we generally love to provide our followers with tactics on how to maintain their cars themselves but we want you to avoid damaging your cars.

We hope Drip Auto Pros was able to give you some insight on why detailing a cars headlights is so important for many reasons, the most important being safety for yourself and others. Maintaining your car in any aspect can help improve the value, even a simple detail can help. 

If you have any questions please shoot us an email and we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.