3 Common

Many car owners love to get their vehicles cleaned by going to their local car wash. However, even if they mean well, these car cleaning solutions spell trouble. That’s because many careless individuals are unaware of the kinds of tools and techniques they are using to get your ride clean. 

This article will discuss three common malpractices in the regular car washing industry that destroy their clients’ vehicles. Take this as an opportunity to know better as a car owner and to maintain your car as a valuable asset! 

Inefficient cleaning 

One of the most popular mistakes that most regular car washing companies may make is with their scrubbing process. Although it may seem like you are getting your money’s worth, the truth is mechanical car washing mechanisms can never truly wash away hard-to-remove tar, hardened dirt, and other abrasive contaminants. 

Regular car washing is also held accountable for wasting tons of water with every vehicle serviced. It’s because the jets of soapy water fire in random directions, missing crucial spots. You can’t even expect your car’s interior to be cleaned, which can be one of your vehicle’s dirtiest places. 

As such, it’s important to invest in high-quality automotive maintenance services, like interior car detailing. That way, you can be assured that you are getting every crevice and part of your car washed and protected against contamination! 

Harsh bristles that chip off car paint

Another serious issue that you should know about regular car washing are the bristles in the machine. They may seem to remove all the exterior dirt and grime from your car, but you may not see the paint job getting scratched. And if you get your car routinely washed, your vehicle can end up looking faded and unappealing. You will have to get your car paint repaired through costly restorations to maintain its pristine condition. 

The best way to avoid any paint-related complications when you get your vehicle cleaned is to get it done by detailing professionals. You may also lay off the routine cleaning, as too much can also fade the car paint. For precision detailing, request powder coating and other preventive maintenance solutions to keep your car’s paint job immaculate! 

Using harmful industrial cleaning solutions 

Many regular car washing companies make sacrifices to ensure they can gain profits, even if it means destroying their clients’ cars. One of the most popular ways they do so is by purchasing harsh cleaning solutions in bulk. These are artificial, toxic chemicals that are not recommended for prolonged car washing, meaning many car washing companies can get away with one or two washers to avoid getting called out by the public. That’s why you should make well-informed decisions when getting your car cleaned. Consult with our team of auto detailing experts to learn more about our eco-friendly, high-quality approach


Regular car washing may be cheaper, but you will end up paying more for the damages. Fortunately, you now better understand why you should be more attentive to your car cleaning and maintenance services. Consider all the previously mentioned information and find the best automotive services experts to provide you with high-quality, cost-effective solutions! 

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