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For any company owner or manager who relies on a fleet to carry out a significant chunk of its operations, the concept of maintenance is one that should never be overlooked. 

From engine upkeep and oil changes to tire inspections and regular tune-ups, fleet-related businesses must take the necessary measures to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape to avoid inefficiencies and unwanted breakdowns. For Canadian companies, it’s vital to stay on top of any maintenance procedures that have to be done because the road and weather conditions aren’t the most vehicle-friendly.

With extreme snow, near-torrential rains, and aggressive sunlight, it’s clear that weather calls for a need for greater care and attention towards maintenance procedures. Among all the different processes that need to be availed of by any fleet-related business, there’s one treatment that many should invest in more often: regular fleet detailing. 

Why your business should look into getting regular fleet detailing

Contrary to the days where detailing was only considered as a luxury for exotic hypercars, fleets are now urged to be treated with the same service because of the various services it yields.

Beyond mere looks, detailing a fleet vehicle is a process that has become a necessity for most companies today because of how they open the door for many benefits and opportunities. To best understand why you should start including regular fleet detailing in your maintenance budget, here are three benefits that come with this treatment:

Benefit #1: It is bound to elevate your company’s image

Among all the different benefits that come with regular fleet detailing, one that often gets overlooked is that it helps improve any company’s image in the public’s eye.

When anyone sees a shiny truck or van that’s adorned with various branding elements, they’re far more likely to hold your brand in much higher regard and avail of your products and services. Conversely, having an unkempt fleet vehicle spotted by the public will bring unwanted attention and draw away potential customers; a potential problem that can be avoided with detailing! 

Benefit #2: It saves more money

Taking the time to regularly detail vehicles in your fleet (three to four times a year) is actually a convenient and attractive way to save money. 

When you let an expert—such as Drip Detailing—take care of your vehicles and give them a deeper clean, you get to lessen the need for maintenance and reduce the frequency of buying part replacements, leading to lower costs. Additionally, having regular treatment for every vehicle under your command makes it easier to spot problems and permanently fix them before they turn into frequent and costly issues! 

Benefit #3: It ensures safer fleets

Taking the time to clean up your vehicles with a thorough treatment is a far more effective approach to ensuring road safety than most people give it credit for. With the help of a trustworthy service provider and thorough cleaning approach, you can avoid various issues that may harm your vehicles, such as: 

  • Window cracks
  • Faulty wires
  • Broken headlights
  • Cracked or murky tail lights


Although it may seem purely cosmetic at first, getting a regular detailing treatment for all your fleets’ vehicles is one of the best investments that you can make in the long run. Beyond the three benefits mentioned above, getting this treatment regularly also opens up a wealth of benefits that you’ll get to experience endlessly as you adopt the habit!

Our team of experts offers fleet detailing in Calgary with years of experience in handling all types of cars, ranging from family sedans to exotic supercars. Get in touch with us today to schedule a much-needed detailing session for your vehicle!