There is nothing more frustrating as a vehicle owner than seeing your car with some scratches here and there. Whether done deliberately or caused by outdoor elements, you will want to get your vehicle treated as soon as possible to ensure that it’s in top shape and condition and return its original look. The best course of action for this is to know what causes these scratches in the first place and then set preventive measures to avoid them from happening again. 

In this article, we will share four common causes of car scratches you must avoid:

1. Vehicle rubbing

Did you know that rubbing against your car’s surface is the biggest culprit for scratches? Your kids may have unintentionally played around your vehicle’s surface or scratched it. You may have also opened your car door with keys in hand, dragging them across the paint. If not, you may have placed a cup of coffee on top of your car. The thing is that there are many different ways your vehicle can get rubbed with scratches. For this reason, you must be wary of taking good care of your car and avoid such situations from happening.

2. Road rocks and debris

It’s easy for rocks and debris to get in contact with your car when you hit the road. The chances are that small pebbles fly into the air and hit on your car’s surface. As a result, you’ll eventually start seeing minor damages to your vehicle. Also, every time you drive, your car paint is exposed to road debris that can cause damage over time. Although there’s not much you can do to stop these, careful driving and avoiding impacted areas can make all the difference in protecting your vehicle.

3. Improper cleaning

When cleaning or getting a car detailing, you must be wary of how the service providers wash and dry your vehicle. This is because incorrect washing and drying can damage it, and using abrasive cleaning tools and materials can also harm your vehicle. The same thing happens when you bring your car to a mediocre car detailing service. For this reason, be sure to do your homework before you get your car into an auto detailing service and only go for professional and reliable services, such as those offered by Drip Detailing!

4. Vehicular accidents

A car accident is the most evident cause of car scratches. It’s a good thing if you only have some scratches on your vehicle’s surface brought by the collision. The last thing you’ll ever want to happen is to get major vehicle damage that requires a costly repair or even replacement. But even so, these scratches can be quite a headache because you need to get your car’s surface recoated, repainted, or refinished.


At this point, we’ve covered the five common causes of car scratches—vehicle rubbing, road rocks and debris, improper cleaning, and vehicular accidents. To that end, the best way to prevent scratches is to avoid the situations mentioned above as much as possible. Furthermore, you should also always wash and dry your car properly, be wary of areas causing potential scratches, and avoid gravel and dirt roads. With all these preventative measures, you can maintain your vehicle in top shape and working condition, without those scratches!

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