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The entire experience of car ownership is undoubtedly one that’s an emotional roller-coaster ride of highs, lows, and other moments.

From getting compliments on a new set of rims to a slight brush with overheating, the entire experience is chock-full of events well worth remembering. Aside from memories, however, another aspect that’s well worth dabbling into is all the different questions that you’ll ask yourself along the way, especially when it comes to cleaning your car.

Your car-cleaning FAQs answered

If you’ve been meaning to keep your car clean but aren’t as knowledgeable on the topic as you should be, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick rundown on four common questions and answers that you could ask about cleaning your sweet ride:

1. “How often should I get my car washed?”

The answer to this very question may be quite relative to some extent, but there’s one truth that applies to car owners: you’re most likely not cleaning your car enough. 

Over time, your car can quickly turn into a hotspot for various things that shouldn’t be on it in the first place – dust, bugs, bird droppings, dirt. If your car starts to show them regularly, then you need to start washing your car every week at the bare minimum. For homeowners who live in colder areas that have enclosed garages with cars that aren’t driven regularly, however, then the car wash can stretch to every three or four weeks.

2. “Should I wax my car, and when should I do it?”

If you haven’t been waxing your car, there’s no better time to start doing so than now. 

As insignificant as it may sound initially, a regularly-applied coat of wax is essential in ensuring that your car’s paint is protected as best as possible from the threats of outdoor elements. Generally, the frequency of your wax treatments will depend on how particular you are about protecting your car’s finish. Nevertheless, best practice dictates that one waxing session every three months will suffice! 

3. “How often should I clean my engine bay from top to bottom?”

To the uninitiated, engine washes can sound like some scam that doesn’t do much. The truth, however, is that it’s essential for keeping the health of your engine intact.

Over time, the car’s engine can get caught up in all the dust, pollen, snow, and dirt that it inadvertently sucks up. Fortunately, you can prevent any unexpected breakdowns by cleaning your engine bay every three months (along with your quarterly waxing sessions) to remove the built-up debris and keep everything running smoothly!

4. “Am I supposed to detail my car, and how often should I do it?”

The answer to the first part of this question is a resounding yes!

When it comes to frequency, the thoroughness of the treatment permits a twice-a-year schedule at most if you’re looking for baseline maintenance. If you’re feeling a bit more particular about your cleanliness and the environment you park and drive in, it’s best to bump up your schedule to every four months!


Keeping your car as clean as possible is a matter of asking all the right questions, and knowing the answers to them. By following this quick guide and taking the frequencies and recommendations into mind, you’ll be able to keep your car in tip-top shape without any problems for as long as possible!

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