Giving your car a deep clean is far from merely applying soap and running a hose through your car’s exterior. In cleaning your car thoroughly, there are many methods and procedures that you have to follow correctly. If you’re not careful, you might end up giving your vehicle a new look by damaging it permanently.

Handling your car’s dirty work

Car detailing is a great way to keep your car in pristine shape beyond the regular car wash treatment that you give your vehicle. If you’re ready to fold up your sleeves to give your car the care that it deserves, learn how to do car detailing the right way and with the right materials.

In this article, we will share five practical detailing tips in caring for your car:

1. Follow the right order of cleaning

One reason DIY car detailing isn’t as effective as giving it to professionals is that most car owners get the order of cleaning wrong.  For example, polishing is what makes your car shine, but it doesn’t get rid of scratches. If you want to get more shine out of your detailing, you should first use a scratch removal kit before you start polishing.

In cleaning a car, people who want to do it themselves commonly start with cleaning on the inside. However, they make the mistake of starting with the carpet. If you start at the bottom, the dust moved from the dash, seats, and door panels all go back to the rug where you started. Make a mental note to start from the top of your car’s interior and work your way to the bottom.

2. Buy a dual-action polisher

Any car detailer needs the right equipment for the difficult task of cleaning a car inside out. A dual-action polisher is a great tool to have in polishing one’s car. Unlike a buffer that runs at high speeds, a dual-action polisher’s comfortable pace doesn’t scratch the paint off your vehicle. With an added oscillating function, you’ll get through more areas in polishing in just a few minutes.

3. Use high-quality synthetic wax

Paste waxes are excellent treatments to antique cars, but they don’t offer the same sleek and modern look that modern synthetic wax gives. When car dealers are sealing paint sealant, they’re actually using a high-quality synthetic wax to provide a car with a glossier finish. You can also purchase it and apply the wax by yourself with a wax applicator sponge, but remember to do it correctly, or you might risk damaging your car.

4. Use the right cleaning agent

Most car owners who aren’t familiar with the right cleaning agents usually use dishwashing liquid to clean their cars. If it can wash plates and metal, then why shouldn’t the same be to cars, right?

Unfortunately, dishwashing detergent is too powerful to use on vehicles. The solution doesn’t only remove the dirt and grime, but it also sucks out the oils from your car’s finish, which can lead to you losing mileage on the shelf life of the colour. A professional car detailer uses industry-made car wash soap to give your vehicle a deep clean without scratching too much off the paint.

5. Vacuum and brush your carpet at the same time

Most people would rather use a powerful vacuum for their carpet instead of brushing it. Although this could save some cleaning time, it won’t always give your carpets a deep clean. As a result, plenty of dirt particles are left behind in mats.  While you’re using your vacuum, have someone to help you in using a brush to scrub off the rug to let loose the dirt particles stuck deep in your carpets.


You may be tempted to perform a detailing job by yourself to save on expenses and time. However, professionals are apt at keeping your car in pristine shape by using the right methods and high-quality pieces of equipment.

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