Boat on water

Cars and bikes are washed every week or two to look at their best, but many people may not realize that even boats need some cleaning. Unfortunately, cleaning a boat is quite a challenge. Those who are inexperienced with the task will often find themselves pondering why they decided even to own one in the first place! After facing problem after problem, they find their time and energy taken up attempting to clean their boats with little-to-no results. Fortunately, a simple remedy to this is knowing what to do in the first place!

Own a boat? If so, you do not have to be like one of them. There are many tips and tricks out there you can follow to make boat cleaning a lot easier, and in this article today, we will share some of those with you.

1. Begin on the exterior 

While cleaning the interior of the boat is essential, you should always start with the exterior. Doing so will ensure that you do not accidentally bring debris in from the outside into the boat. Plus, once your boat looks great on the outside, that satisfying sense of accomplishment will begin to bloom and provide some extra motivation!

When you begin cleaning the outside of a boat, start by grabbing a pressure washer and blasting out all the algae and scum on the hull of your boat. After that, grab a brush and use a marine-friendly cleaning solution and scrub away. Ensure that it is made specifically for the boat to protect the paint. Also, do not forget to take breaks. There is a lot of work to be done!

2. Get to waxing 

Once the hull of the boat is cleaned, you need to wax the boat. Otherwise, the paint is going to peel away and crack. If there is no paint to begin with, then consider getting the boat professionally painted. Skipping this step will leave you with long-term damage on the boat that is tough to fix.

To wax your boat, you will need to purchase wax specifically made for this purpose. Car wax will not do, and only marine-grade wax will do the job.

3. Remove any trash 

With the outside done, it is time to move into the boat. The first thing you should do is remove any trash that is lying around. Of course, this is something that is expected of you every time you take your boat out to ensure it does not get over cluttered.

4. Address the wood

Once the trash is all removed, you can start by cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces. They are the hardest to clean, so prepare yourself to spend some time on this step. You’ll have to mop the floors and clean other wooden surfaces. Leave them to dry, then buffer the surface with wax.

5. Work on the carpets

After the wood has been addressed, it’s time to address carpets and other upholstery. They need to be dusted and vacuum to get dirt and debris out of them. If the carpets smell, then use carpet shampoo to get rid of the odour. You can also steam clean carpets and upholstery to clean even deeper, and then finish with a sealant to protect them from dirt and mould growth.

6. Finish the vinyl surfaces 

The last surface you should be addressing is vinyl surfaces. This is because they are the easiest to clean. All you really need is a mop or brush and any home cleaning solution. Just be sure to do this often to avoid having to bleach them when they get too dirty.

As for the other surfaces in the boat, such as metal or glass, soap and water will do the job. Just be sure to dry them thoroughly right after to avoid any water damage.


With that, you should be done cleaning your boat! If we have missed anything, then you can apply these concepts to clean your boat thoroughly. With that said, if you are having trouble cleaning your boat or do not have the time, effort, or resources to do so, do not be afraid to work with cleaning services. They are worth every dollar you put into them since they take the entire burden of cleaning the boat off your shoulder. All you need to do with such a service is sit back, relax, and wait for your shiny boat to come back to you!

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