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There’s no denying that owning a car can easily make for a life-changing experience that’s as enjoyable as it is challenging for any car owner.

If you were to ask any driver about what the most exciting part of car ownership is, they might tell about the cross-country trip they took or the day they first took it out for a spin. On the other hand, if you were to ask them about what the worst part of the experience is, they may give you one answer: the clutter and debris that their vehicles experience.

The issue faced by car owners

Over time, these very specs of dirt, trash, and clutter can grow to be quite problematic because they easily become an even more significant issue in the long run. 

You might think that a simple wash and vacuum will suffice in making your ride look as good as new, but this may not necessarily be as effective as you might expect. With the dirt and grime sticking much harder than it should, soap and water won’t do the trick in keeping your ride clean, which leads to the very concept of car detailing.

An overview of car detailing

Detailing is an all-round solution that can be used to restore the condition of any vehicle to look brand new. 

As opposed to a regular car wash, detailing goes deep into the cleaning process by going for a thorough clean that covers all bases from front to back and top to bottom. Instead of solely wiping soap on the surface, washing it all away, and calling it a day, this extensive treatment gets right into the nitty-gritty by going even into the tiniest of nook and crannies of your car.

In most cases, this very treatment can be found at your local car wash and is available in various packages that correspond to the amount of work involved and the size of the vehicle. It is worth noting that it would be a much better option to go for a detailing specialist—such as Drip Detailing and boat detailing—that’s specially trained in the field. 

What do these packages come with?

The standard detailing job is extensive by all means – it comes with various services like deeper exterior cleans, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and surface waxing and polishing. Beyond these five fundamentals, however, there are other services included in a standard package:

Engine washes

A regular detailing package usually comes with a detail-intensive engine wash package. With the help of skilled technicians and specialized equipment, an engine wash can help your car’s own heart look precisely the way it did when it first rolled off the factory floor.

Wheel well undercoating

Aside from your car’s paint, another part that takes some beating over months or years is the wheel well itself. 

Throughout a detailing job, an expert will take a look at this specific area and ask whether or not you’d like to get an undercoating job to even everything out. If you agree, a trained professional will start applying a few chemicals to thoroughly coat your wheel wells and even out any unsightly spots in a matter of hours!

CeramicPro coating

Another nifty addition that Drip Detailing offers for its clients on top of a standard package is a CeramicPro coating treatment. What makes this particular add-on so special is that it refreshes your car’s look and keeps the paint protected with a dependable multilayer glass shield, extending the gap between your car and its next washover. 


A detailing job is one of the best ways to treat your car and keep it pristine shape all-year-round. In addition to regular car washes and waxes, this treatment can help your ride look its best on every ride without getting a repaint or buying a new car entirely!

Looking to treat your car with the services of Calgary’s foremost car detailing experts? Look no further because we’re the team for the job. Schedule an appointment with us today!