Your car may be one of your biggest investments and for many of us our car is our love and passion. Because of our immense bonds with our automobiles none of us enjoy driving under maintained cars, whether its lacking in mechanical or aesthetic appeal we know you want to get it taken care of right away. Finding the right service provider to ensure quality car of your car can help you get on the right path.

In Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas there are so many claimed “Detailing professionals”, scratch proof auto washes and cheap deals all around the corner, choosing the right option can be much harder than it seems. Our recommendation to you is to choose a detailer or car wash that has great reviews and that you have been able to build a relation ship with.

Lacking to do so may result in further damage to your car. Cheap options may be tempting but you want to remember in life if it seems too good to be true it definitely is. Paying a little more or investing more time can really help you extend the life of your car so don’t cheap out when it comes to car detailing or Calgary boat detailing.

If you are visiting a detailer for the first time and want to know if they are conducting a thorough clean that is worth your money, read our 4 steps for trouble areas to keep an eye out for!

Basic Car Detailing Knowledge & 4 Item Checklist

If you own a car it is very important for you to understand the steps for a correct auto detail. Car detailing isn’t the same as the simple wash and wipe down you do nor should it be compared to an automatic car wash.

A good auto detail done by a professional will go beyond the basic washing, vacuuming and wipe downs in order to leave your car in better shape than you could have put it in and provide protection from future contaminants and issues. 

Not only will this leave your car looking incredible but will help you save tons of money in the long run from paint corrections and other costly repairs. Your probably sitting there thinking, “I don’t know anything about detailing, how can I get started learning the right processes?”. Lucky for you we have assembled a in-depth car detailing guide to get you up to speed, read our guide by visiting here.

Once you have read the guide or if you are already up to speed on some regular detailing guidelines you can continue reading the steps to make sure you are dealing with a. Professional Airdrie car detailing company.

Is Your Detailer Overcharging You

When many people see detailing prices ranging from a hundred dollars all the way to a thousand dollars we can feel their heart rate rising. As a car owner the price of an car cleaning may be your top concern and deciding factor but we hope that this changes.

You generally always get what you pay for, a great tip is to always ask your detailer what is included in the detailing process and what chemicals are used. Many detailers will do what we consider a clean which is just a quick wash, vacuum and a simple wipe down, we have even found detailers in Calgary who use water when wiping down cars! Yes, sounds crazy but its true. 

We aren’t sure how this makes you feel but we would much rather pay double if not more for a professional detailer using powerful methods and products when compared to a cheap detailer using water. What other short cuts could cheap detailers use that will damage your car?

What Cleaning Methods Are Used

A sword is useless if you put it in the hand of a young child but if you put it in the hand of a gladiator it becomes a force to be reckoned with. The same goes for detailing products, any Joe blow can go purchase some premium detailing products in Calgary or anywhere else but using them correctly requires time, knowledge and experience.

Our experience with amateur detailing companies has been that they overuse, abuse or use the wrong chemicals on your car. You may think, “Wouldn’t more chemicals be good?”. The answer to your question is a big NO, overuse of chemicals can both damage your car and lead to it getting dirtier much faster. 

Using the chemicals and other tools in the correct method is also something that isn’t commonly known, reading the back of the bottle won’t suddenly make you a professional. It can be very easy to damage a car with premium detailing tools and products, and it can be smart to know that these amateur auto detailers may even be practicing on your car for the first time…

Check out this video of a car practiced on by a amateur, is this really a risk you want to take on?

Does The Company Provide Mobile Detailing

When a company provides mobile detailing there are three main benefits to you. It shows the company is confident to work in front of you, you can stay stress free because you can watch and it saves you time!

Keep an eye out to see if they bring the right tools, perform the right technique and you want to make sure they are following the right laws. Nothing would be worse than getting a ticket for no abiding by drainage laws and more.

An amateur may be willing to provide a mobile detail too but if you use this screening technique along with the others you should be in the clear to separate them from the professionals.

Is Your Car Protected Or Cleaned?

Spending a large amount on a quality detail can pay for itself ten times over when you goto a experienced detailing company. This is possible due to the repair and protection work that can and should be applied to your car.

When you visit your detailer it can be worth the time to ask if they provide some simple protection services in their packages such as high quality clay and waxes. Not all these products should be weighed equally, find out what brands, quality and application process that can affect your car.

No matter where you are in Calgary or Airdrie, Drip Auto Pros would be more than happy to answer any questions or provide you with a car detail. You can reach out to us via a phone call, text or email!