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Ceramic coating is the answer to all of your car’s external coating problems. What was once only considered as an alternative to a paint protection film is now one of the best options to protect your vehicle from damages. This type of solution is a sturdy, long-lasting protective coating that prevents stain marks, dirt, grime, and even the weather from ruining the paint coat.

Let’s dive into the benefits of having a ceramic coating applied to your cars.

The Beauty of Ceramic Coating

It’s permanent, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and does not wear off to dirt, grime, stain marks, rain, and even heat. What more can you ask for? If that isn’t enough, here are a few more advantages:

Chemical Stain Protection

So many air pollutants have become acidic in nature, any of which can attack a car’s externals. Many chemicals in pure paint react badly to the presence of even the minuscule chemical particles found in air contaminants. However, that is not the case with ceramic coating. It acts as a protective barrier against all kinds of pollutants from bonding with the car paint. 

Protective Layer Against Harmful UV Rays

The ozone layer’s damage is at an all-time high level, which causes the sun’s ultraviolet rays to be more penetrative than ever. Several hours spent on the road under the searing heat of the sun can cause unimaginable damage to the car’s paint job.

Ceramic coatings absorb these rays to prevent the car paint from oxidizing—a process that can result in a dull, faded look as time passes by.


Ceramic coatings repel water. It protects the car paint with its hydrophobic nature wherein every kind of moisture, dirt, or grime that accumulates on the surface will just eventually and easily slide off. Suddenly, cleaning the car has become extremely easy and convenient! Even just a quick car wash will have the car looking spotless and brand new.

With ceramic coating, there is no worry about the polymer dulling and wearing off. 

Ageless, Timeless Gloss

Let’s dive into the aesthetics. Who wouldn’t want their cars to look brand new even after a few fully operational years? Ceramic coating glosses over and into the original paint, which amplifies the original vibrancy of the car’s colour. Put on a layer of permanent ceramic coating, and your car is ready to rule the road.

Ceramic Coating: Setting Proper Expectations

While the aforementioned are proven benefits to ceramic coating, it is extremely important that car owners and enthusiasts manage their expectations to know only the true effects of this application. 

1. Cars with ceramic coating will still need a car wash or thorough car cleaning every now and then.

A ceramic coating will not make the car auto-clean itself. While it helps the cleaning process because of its water-resistant and sturdy nature, cars will still need to be cleaned regularly. However, many ceramic coating enthusiasts claim that their cars need lesser external cleaning maintenance after getting the protective ceramic layer.

2. Ceramic coating will NOT make the car invincible from all types of scratches and swirl marks.

The threat of scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips is not only a risk to a vehicle’s aesthetic. These threats can easily damage a car’s internal parts as well, depending on the pressure exerted upon collision. The application of ceramic coating will not make the car instantly invincible from external pressure that may be applied to it. This means that utmost care should still be taken while driving. 


Due to the modern innovations in enhancing our automobiles, products like ceramic coating are capable of existing. These benefits aren’t just good on paper—countless car enthusiasts have proven why a car enhanced with ceramic coating is elevated among the rest.

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