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While an auto detailing service may seem like an extra expense that isn’t worth it, perhaps it would help to consider how much you paid for your car and if you’ll want it to last. While modern cars are hardy and can get us from point A to point B, there is no doubt that the elements have an effect on your car’s exterior and interior. With hot summers and cold winters, your paint job may go through a battering and end up looking older than your car actually is. 

Having your car put through a detailing process is a nice way to get it to keep on shining throughout the year. A thorough detailing preserves surfaces such as the paint, glass, wheels, and interior items like seats and carpets. With our environment full of paint-staining objects like tar and bird droppings or even paint scratches from falling seeds and leaves, you will definitely want a coating for your car’s exterior. 

If you are still on the fence about getting a detailing job done, here are a few reasons that may change your mind:

Ceramic Coatings Mean Less Cleaning Work Is Needed

Ceramic coatings are a paint protectant that is better than your traditional wax job. While wax coats were superior back in the day, nothing can compare to the shine and repellant-nature of ceramic layering. This technology is a semi-permanent thin coat that goes over the paint job of your vehicle that lasts over two years. Once added, you will notice how your car will wick away water like it is nothing and that even just spraying it with water will clean it quickly. Because of its repellant nature, dirt and grime get washed away easily, making car washes fast and cheap. 

For best results, it would be advisable to have this coating applied straight out of the dealership to maximize the life of your car’s exterior look. After all, you will want that brand new look for years to come without having to worry about scratches or paint fades.

Resale Value Is Better With A Nice Exterior

Taking good care of your car is a good way to ensure that the resale value stays at its highest possible. If you had to sell a car with a bad paint job or lots of dings and scratches, you’d not only have a hard time getting rid of it, but people will be able to lowball you on the price. Dealerships for used cars will have a better chance of giving you a better price depending on how brand new your car looks even years after you have purchased it. The appearance of your vehicle plays a big part in its value in the market, so invest in a good detailing service or product as soon as you drive out of the dealership. 

Your Car Will Just Naturally Look So Much Better

While cars look very good out of the dealership with their factory paint, there is no telling what will happen to it the next few weeks or months after it becomes yours. The elements of the environment will affect the way your paint will turn out, and this is no doubt. With a coating of paint protection or even just regular auto detailing services, your car will continue to shine and look brand new. Just looking at it every morning before heading to work will make you feel good inside knowing that you are driving something that is well taken care of and shines bright. 


Cars are expensive and we pay good money for them based on what we want from them in terms of looks and features. Knowing this, auto detailing services are needed to keep them in tip-top shape, as well as keeping them shiny as it goes. If you still have doubts about detailing your car, remember that a new paint job is more expensive than a coating material to protect it from damages. 

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