"a car going through an automatic car wash"

Without a doubt we can say that everyone likes to keep their cars looking clean and shiny, this however can be a challenge with the business that day to day life can bring.

Calgary is a city whose weather is very unpredictable and can often bring severe weather that was unexpected in a matter of minutes. Its no wonder that the average person will occasionally use a auto car wash instead of hand washing their vehicle, we have all been there but this is often the worst solution when washing your car.

Auto car washes are known to come with many drawbacks, they have been known to cause damage, leave soap, chemicals or dirt on your vehicle. Car washes should be there to help remove all these contaminants from your car so there really isn’t much benefit left in an auto wash.

Hand washing is perhaps the best solution to washing your car and we recommend you invest in choosing a quality Calgary detailing company to detail for you, if you want to know why you should do this, keep reading below to find out more on the unseen damages auto car washes can cause.

1. A Professional Calgary Detailer Wont Miss A Spot.

When you goto a car wash we can almost guarantee that it is leaving behind dirt, soap and other chemicals on your car. The whole point of visiting a car wash is to get rid of these contaminants and it can be extremely important in the winter when salt can attack your car. 

To combat this issue from happening you can’t really ask the machine to go lower or wash better from top to bottom and many car washes may even deny you if you want to run your car through again! The only real solution to this is hand washing it when your home but that defeats the whole purpose of the wash to begin with.

When you choose a professional hand car wash company like Drip Auto Pros we will go above and beyond to ensure your car has no areas missed unlike the car wash. Our automobile detailing experts are trained to look over the entire car to make sure no area is missed and that you are completely satisfied.

Benefits to an auto wash are if you are crunched on time but sometimes the line ups can be three to five cars, in this case it may be better for you to drive in and book a meeting with our Calgary detailing group or schedule a mobile detail for later.

2. Hand-washing Equals Less Scratches On Your Cars Paint

We cannot stress the importance of using clean, washed and looked over equipment on your car. When you goto an auto car wash, the same tools are used on hundreds of cars daily then are used on your car as well. You wouldn’t use a napkin that was passed around the table on your face, why would you do the same to your car (Keep in mind that paint correction can be several hundred dollars).

Several automatic car washes claim to use technology that will not scratch your car but over time with the many moving variables we are positive these machines will wear, tear and begin to scratch your car. 

If you choose to hand wash your car that doesn’t make you immune to scratches on your car, you still should use proper washing techniques like the ones covered in our total detail guide.

Some quick tips would be to cycle out clothes when they get dirty and to remove tags on any clothes. Check out our bin of used microfibres, Drip Auto Pros will never take a shortcut when it comes to detailing your cars exterior and our used bin reflect that 😛

3. Help Your Car Hold Its Value

Expert hand car washing will not only help your car look good in the moment but it will help prolong your cars exterior for the future. Machine washes can leave behind, overlook and not apply protectants properly into your paint. 

When you come to get a car wash done from Drip Auto Pros we will advise you on whether your car needs a wax, clay bar or other small touchups that can help prolong the life span of your paint. Not only will this make your car look much shinier and better in the moment but it will help hold a higher resale value and make the sale much easier.

Any quality auto detailing company should be sure to bring these small imperfections to your attention. Many of these services are also included in our packages as well, if your not sure just shoot us a text to find out what’s included in your package.

4. Hand Car Washes Allows Attention To Details

Each and everyone of our clients cars is different and we treat them all differently as well. When you bring your car to us our professional detailers take an assessment and make sure to hit all the small trouble some spots that get missed, such as tire wells, in-between door sills and other small areas.

When you go to an automatic car wash the machines are not able to recognize and deal with minor imperfections, in fact these machines are most likely going to cause these minor imperfections!

Air dryers within an automatic car wash also generally do not do a great job when drying a car, after each type of wash you are going to have to wipe your car down, so why not choose the best method that is proven to protect and ensure a proper clean on your car?

The ball is in your court, are you going to choose to complete your own car wash, choose a professional Calgary detailing company or goto the dreaded automatic car wash. Whatever you choose to do be sure to check the local google reviews on the auto car wash machines and or detailers,"a car going through an automatic car wash" we care about your ride and so should you! We also provide the best motorcycle detailing in Calgary.