If you’ve been driving your car for several years and are beginning to notice signs of wear and tear, you might be thinking it’s time to purchase a new one. If your vehicle is simply losing its new car smell or the lustre of fresh paint, though, you may just be experiencing new car nostalgia. 

What’s an easier, more wallet-friendly fix? Luxury car detailing, of course! This way of modifying your car might quench your new car thirst. Here’s how:

1 – It can be compared to regular maintenance

To the typical driver, regular maintenance might cover a tire change or a closer look at an engine problem. However, it hardly ever encompasses an excellent new paint job or interior reupholstering. 

The truth is that most people don’t associate detailing with maintenance, even though it’s a far more viable option than getting a new car. Nowadays, reliable vehicles can keep you on the road for over 200,000 miles, so purchasing a new vehicle prematurely rather than getting it restored can set you back a lot of money. 

2 – Paint correction and interior detailing can make your car look new again

If you’re not throwing your trash out of your vehicle every day, you could be putting it at risk of debris build-up and much more complicated problems. Foregoing the occasional wash and rinse could also create problems for your vehicle’s exterior. If needed, you can give us a call at Drip Detailing for interior detailing and the most thorough paint correction in Calgary. We recommend a robust layer of a ceramic coating as your vehicle’s protectant. 

3 – There are dozens of accessories available

Over the years, manufacturers have been coming up with solutions for blind-spot monitoring, phone syncing, and radar cruise control. If you’ve purchased a car after the year 2014, it’s likely to already be equipped with Bluetooth and backup cameras. If not, aftermarket safety features, GPS, or even Android Auto and Apple Carplay can be easily installed into your vehicle. 

Should You Get Your Car Detailed?

Over time, car owners inevitably lose the desire to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape every time they drive it out. As it starts to look completely different from the day you first purchased it, it can be difficult to want to take care of it, even when it’s necessary. 

When this feeling hits, remind yourself that your car was a big investment. It’s your responsibility to keep it looking good and functioning well. 

Try not to get too distracted by the prospect of a new vehicle if all your current one needs is a new paint job and scratch repair. Your car doesn’t have to look like it’s on display at an automobile expo 24/7, but with the proper detailing job, it can be. At Drip Detailing, we offer an unmatched service that is both eco-friendly and affordable!


In the end, the choice between a detailing job or a new vehicle is up to you. If you’re thinking about the latter, though, it’s important to ensure that your new vehicle is up to date in regards to the technology it employs, its performance, and its reliability. 

Looking to give your old car a new life? Drip Detailing is just the team to help. If you’re looking for the best detailing in Calgary, pay us a visit!