Completely cleaned car interior

Many people think car detailing is simply a deep clean on your car, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

When you get your car cleaned from drip auto pros it is a step by step process that is customized to the needs of your vehicle. 

Our thorough evaluation of your vehicle will result in a process that will not only restore your car back to its prime but will help protect you investment,

A in-depth detail is not for cars alone but can also be provided to boats, SUVs, motorbikes, SUVs, busses and any other vehicle you can think of!


When detailing services are provided from car detailing professionals a in-depth assessment is conducted before beginning any car cleaning. 

We take a thorough look around your car to make sure nothing is overlooked and find the areas which need the most love. 

A guide to looking over your car can be found here, in our complete detailing guide.

After the winter season you should always perform a spring car detail, this will allow you to keep your cars exterior and interior looking new.


Most people believe the clear coat of their vehicle is all they need in order to protect their car but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In order to keep your cars paint in top condition a wax should be applied at a minimum of twice a year onto the clear coat to protect from contaminants, oxidization and other external factors.

If you happen to not wax your vehicle its not the end of the world, 

A clay bar can help remove any contaminants from the paint and for any oxidation we have you covered thanks to our paint correction services.

It doesn’t just stop there, we always recommend our clients take a look at ceramic pro and PPF to ensure their paint will be protected. 


Maintaining a healthy interior can vary depending on the interior of your car,

Leather interiors can be kept shiny and crack free with a good leather shine and regular wipe down (Non alcoholic cleaners only). 

Fabric interiors may require a yearly shampoo in order to prevent any odours and stains from forming.

Vinyl interiors are perhaps the most simple to maintain and can be taken care of by using a simple shining chemical on them, just wipe them down and you are good to go.


1.Protection From Rust

In Canadian environments rust is a prevalent factor in many vehicles, this is a common issue in any snowy environment. This takes place due to the salt spread upon roads in order to melt the snow and ice. While it is the best solution we have, the salt incredibly speeds up the rusting process on out cars. Doing regular washes can help prevent this but getting a deep professional car detail is recommended to ensure all the salt can be removed from your vehicle.

2. Saves your time and MONEY!

You might be thinking how do I save money when I pay someone to detail my car? The reason you save money is because we know what we are doing and ensure no area is missed. When you clean your car we can guarantee it will take more time and energy because you will not have the right products and will look over many areas. Trust a professional to blow your expectations and do It right the first time. 

3. Better fuel economy

Gas prices are not going down anytime soon and most of us don’t enjoy pumping gas in our cars every week. Doing an in-depth cleaning of your car can help you remove any excess weight from any interior garbage, mud/salt stuck to the under carriage of your car and much more. These small weights can add up when your driving hundred of kilometres and lead to a lower KMPG.

4. Improves Safety Of Vehicle 

Theres nothing good about driving around when you can’t see out your window or you have to keep reaching over to remove garbage while driving in your car. Simple issues like these can be major safety hazards to you. Not everyone knows how to detail there cars perfectly and that’s why our complete detailing guide is here for you

5. Protects the environment

Detailing at home can also lead to incorrect disposals of chemicals which can also harm the environment. When you get detailing done from a professional we ensure the best chemicals are used and disposed of in the best possible way.