Introduction to paint protection films

Picture this, your enjoying a nice cruise with your family or your coming home from work in your brand new Mercedes Benz, 

The weather is perfect and your listening to the newest Drake song, 

When all of a sudden a gravel truck merges in front of you and rocks begin sliding down from the truck onto the street ahead of you.

All the extra debris begin shooting right back at your Mercedes faster than you can handle, 

You slow down to avoid the rocks from damaging your vehicle but you hear that faint *ding * and see the paint missing from your hood, 

Finally you realize that you should have taken the car to DripAutoPros to install some 3M paint protection film or PPF so that you wouldn’t have to go get your car repainted for $1,500!

After getting the bill from the dealership you think to yourself “Man, this is annoying! How can I prevent this or any other paint related issue leading to paint correction from happening again?” 

Well the answer to your problem is PPF or if you chose to go another path Ceramic coatings

Now you can be prepared for the debris on Stoney or Deerfoot by getting a paint protection film ( also known as a Clear Bra ) installed by certified  technicians and save yourself time, money and of course a headache.

So What Is A Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Clear bra is an almost invisible paint protection film made with technology that is constantly improving to provide the ultimate paint protection for your car, truck, suv, helicopter, tank or any other vehicle! 

The main purpose of having clear bra is to protect your investment from rocks and debris that can scratch or chip your paintwork, removing the need for paint correction

Your vehicle is protected by this durable and damage resistant wrap with custom laser cut panels (or made from a schematic of the vehicle).

PPF is hand applied by our team of certified installers and it is backed with our 10 year warranty to ensure the paint protection of your vehicle! 

Who wouldn’t want to prevent environmental and chemical damages with a simple one time investment that lasts 10+ years and saves you thousands of dollars at the same time!

Benefits of having a Paint Protection Film (PPF) / 3M / ClearBra On Your Vehicle

Drive confidently whether you are in a  Honda Civic, Audi Q7 or Aston Martin Vantage knowing your vehicle is protected thanks to paint protection film or ceramic coating

Pesky debris, parking lot scuffs and rock chips mean nothing to you now!

A one time investment can prevent unexpected expenses and damage to your vehicle in several ways.

Check out some benefits of paint protection film down below.

Most Obviously, Protect Your Vehicle!

Now most people know this benefit of clear bra paint protection film but we just wanted to go a bit in depth and explain what PPF would protect against.

As we had demonstrated previously with our life like scenario, clear bra protects against road debris such as dirt, rocks, glass, screws, etc. 

Not only does a paint protection film protect against physical properties but also particles from the various products sprinkled on to Calgary roads such as road salts and de-icers that cause corrosion to the paint and body of your vehicle.

Chemical damages caused by bugs, minerals, acidic rain and even the crowd favourite bird droppings stand no chance against the healing properties in clearbra PPF.  

It doesn’t stop here, Paint Protection Film is also scratch resistant and self healing, so if you get a minor scratch on your paint protection film, just apply heat and its gone.

In the scenario that your paint protection film does get pierced you can relax knowing that it will not damage the paint.

Keep Your Car Looking New! 

You just bought a new car for yourself or you just got a second hand car that still looks great and you just can’t part with it, 

Your showing it off to your friends, I mean you worked hard for it so why wouldn’t you? 

Your friends are complimenting it on how shiny and “state of the art” it looks and you feel like your just on top of the world, 

Who wouldn’t want that feeling to last? The worst thing that can happen now is that something happens to the paint of your new car that you can’t unsee. 

Don’t wait until the inevitable happens to your vehicle make sure that you protect it by installing a clear bra paint protection film so you can stay the talk of your friend circle and keep your car looking fresh 

PPF will also give your car a shiny and glossy look while staying virtually invisible on-top of your paint

Maintain & Increase The Value Of Your Vehicle!

When you walk into a dealership you expect the vehicles to be in pristine shape, the same goes for when buying a second hand car.

No one wants to talk and negotiate for hours on the phone, Facebook or Kijiji just to see a car covered in paint chips, scuffs and scratches.

PPF and Ceramic coating prevent this issue from taking place. Sure you could get a paint correction but this could cost much more than getting the PPF film or Ceramic coating applied in the first place.

According to Chris Wood, the shop foreman at Excellence Auto Collision in Toronto, a quality paint on a vehicle can increase the resale value of the car by up to 30%!

Now we aren’t financial advisors but we can’t name anyone who wouldn’t want an additional 30% of value added onto their cars.

Why wait any longer, get your car some PPF today, our team would be more than happy to help you with paint protection film in Calgary

Save Money Both In The Short Term & Long Term

All these benefits in the end all boil down to one thing, saving you thousands of dollars! 

Most people look at a clear bra paint protection film and a CeramicPro ceramic coating as an unnecessary expense.

In reality it is a protection for one of your most valuable assets, that shiny new Porsche you just bought.

We all buy extended warranties on our electronics and other general items but why don’t we insure or invest into some of our largest assets, our cars?

Paint Protection Film and Ceramic coating are investments because of the money you will save over the years.

Just a few areas you will save money on are paint correction, re painting, and even detailing.

A simple one time application of PPF will instantly help you decrease the need for any of these services. 

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF)/3M/ClearBra Comes With A 10 Year Warranty

We never want to just sell our clients a product and leave everything up to them, 

You trust us with your vehicle and want to be stress free after the application.

That is why we use XPEL brand paint protection film to provide you with the best clear bra paint defence on the market.

Where most brands of paint protection film start to turn yellow, fade, get discoloured or start cracking, XPEL does not.

Drip Auto Pros and XPEL are so confident in their product that they offer a 10 year warranty.

The XPEL warranty is as follows :

“ XPEL warrants XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ten (10) years from the date of purchase. Covered defects include yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delaminating. “

With a dedicated claims department and such an incredible warranty we only trust XPEL paint protection film on our clients vehicles. You can trust Drip Auto Pros we did our homework.

Check out this video reviewing XPELS Paint Protection Film!

Is Paint Protection Film All I Need?

While PPF brings excellent protection for your vehicle we always recommend all our clients see their options,

Drip Auto Pros strongly believes in the value Ceramic coating provides for your vehicle before making any decisions on which service is best for you give us a call!

Both of the solutions are great for helping you avoid Paint corrections down the road, be smart and choose Drip!

If PPF is something you find interesting you should look into our ceramic coatings for windows

Still don’t think you need it?

Clear Bra

PPF Calgary

Here is just one example of what paint protection film can protect you from,

Your car may just be in a parking lot and you could potentially get hit and run,

This Audi owner was smart enough to protect his ride with PPF to prevent any damages to the paint.