Check out this customers motorcycle that we performed a full car detail in Calgary, then we applied a layer of ceramic coating 9H on it.

Looking to learn how we detailed this customers bike to perfection, check out our in-depth detailing guide, our guide will help you answer simple detailing questions like if washing your car often is good.

Ceramic Coating, What is it?

Ceramic coatings are liquid polymers which are applied onto the exterior of a vehicle through a careful process, Ceramic coatings bond to a paint of a car unlike anything else in the traditional market such as wax and sealants, these coatings help prevent against damages from minor scratches, graffiti, aging, paint oxidization, salt, bug guts, rock chips and even weathering.

Best Ceramic coatings are unlike anything on the market because they are extremely durable and can only be removed using machine polishing, they require very little maintenance and they keep your car clean for very long. Ceramic pro coatings are also very versatile and can be used on nearly all surfaces of your car.

The best ceramic coatings are not meant to be replacements for paint protection films which can provide a great layer of defence but they are meant to be sued as a wax alternative. These nano coatings will create a semi-permanent or a permanent bond depending on how it is applied, this means you will not need to maintain or add any layers in the future.

Capitol Shine offers Ceramic Pro for additional protection of a vehicle’s paint. Cars come from the factory with standard clear coat, so we apply Ceramic Pro layers, depending on the package, on top of the factory clear coat. We can even remove 90% of orange peel with Ceramic Pro combined with Paint Protection Film

Best Ceramic Coatings, What Do They Do?

Ceramic pro Canada allows you to add another layer of protection onto your cars paint in order for you to both protect and keep your car looking brand new with minimal effort. Ceramic coatings do this due to their hydrophobic properties which repel any contaminants while also making them much easier to clean. While this is one of the more well known benefits keep reading to discover best ceramic coating benefits!


We have all come across or have experienced our cars paint becoming oxidized thanks to the harsh UV rays from the sun and you have probably heard applying a regular wax can help protect against this. Lucky for you applying a layer of the best ceramic coating will help prevent your vehicle from suffering due to UV rays, this layer of ceramic pro will air as the first layer of protection from UV rays replacing the initial layer of paint form taking the beating. Generally the best ceramic coatings will require minimal maintenance when applied correctly so when compared to waxing this can be much easier than applying a wax every few months.

"Honda civics trunk oxidized"

Calgary Auto Detailing

Chemical Stains Mean Nothing To Ceramic Pro Canada

Taking your car out daily means that it will be attacked by many outside contaminants on a daily basis, you cant really control what will happen to your car but you can protect against them. A huge danger to the exterior of your car is chemical stains from naturally occurring harsh chemicals which can rest on your paint and cause damage. An example of this could be some bird poop that sat on your car, you may not have time to go for a car wash soon but lucky for you a layer of the best ceramic coating can protect against this contaminant form bonding and damaging your paint. You still would want to remove any contaminant as soon as possible.

The Best Ceramic Coatings Make Car Detailing Easy

The most recognized benefit of ceramic coatings is that they are hydrophobic which essentially means these coatings repel water and other liquids. When any liquid will land on your vehicle and it has this hydrophobic coating it means that these liquids will form beads on the surface of your car and slide off quickly. Any contaminants such as dirt, grime or mud will have a challenging time bonding to your cars exterior and detailing will be made easy as contaminants will slide off almost instantly. The best ceramic coatings can be applied onto personal belongings as well in order to protect them in the long run, check out some accessories that have been coated in the best ceramic pro by watching the video down below.

Ceramic Pro Will Enhance The Shine Of Your Vehicle

Nobody wants their cars paint to stay dull and not shine, in this case added the best ceramic coatings can help your paint pop with that extra shine your looking for. Ceramic pro Canada helps make your car more reflective and helps repel against contaminants in order for you to get that deep clean and shine.

Drip Auto Pros is certified by ceramic pro Canada to help apply the best ceramic coatings on your cars, with over 20 years of experience on our team we are the best choice to install ceramic pro on your car. Get in touch if you have any questions about any ceramic products or continue reading to see what we don’t generally recommend ceramic pro coatings for.

Ceramic Pro Canada And What It Cannot Do

We have covered many reasons why the best ceramic coatings can help protect and add value to your car, they can protect against contaminants, make detailing much easier and reduce maintenance needed for your cars exterior.

Some companies will brand ceramic pro Canada as an end all solution for protecting a vehicles exterior, we do not agree with this and do not believe it is an end all solution for any car. It is very important to recognize what the best ceramic coatings can do and what they cant do. So what are some of the things that ceramic pro Canada cannot do?

The Best Ceramic Coatings Cannot Prevent Against Deep Scratches

You may have been told by someone that applying the best ceramic coatings onto your car will make it scratch proof, though ceramic pro coatings can protect against small scratches they do not make your car immune to deep scratches. Parking lot scuffs, rock chips and scratches from improper washing techniques will still prevail against your car and create scratches on your car. If you are looking for the best way to protect against scratches on your car perhaps you would be better suited with a paint protection film, PPF does not make your car immune to regular washes but will hold up much better against damages caused by scratches, rock chips and parking lot scuffs.

"Swirl marks on a black cars paint"

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No More Water Spots With Ceramic Coating

Regular water from the car wash or rain contains traces of minerals, dirt and other contaminants. When this water is given time to sit on your car it can leave behind traces of these contaminants your paint. Many detailers and customers assume that having the best ceramic coating will prevent this from happening because of the hydrophobic qualities of ceramic pro Canada. While most water will bead and slide off the best ceramic coating not all the droplets will slide off, occasionally some water may remain on the exterior of the car leading to water/mineral spots on your exterior. You can avoid this from happening by performing wipe downs on your car after washes.

"Mineral deposits left on a car due to dried water spots"

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Does Ceramic Pro Eliminate My Need To Wash My Car?

A common misconception is that the best ceramic pro coatings will prevent the need to wash your car, we previously stated that ceramic coating Canada will help keep your car looking new but we didn’t say it would require no maintenance to do so. You car is constantly under attack from contaminants, if you drive it on a daily basis it will eventually become dirty and you will need to perform a complete car wash in order to keep it looking shiny and new. The best ceramic coating will help making car washes much quicker and easier.

Waxing your car is something of the past however, because the best ceramic coating often adds several layers that do not disappear over time you will not continually need to wax your car in order to maintain its exterior. Typically you should be waxing a car every few months to protect it and keep it looking new but applying the best ceramic pro will help replace the need for this. Save time and money and invest in ceramic pro Canada for your car, you can book by calling our professional Calgary car detailing team 403-585-9827. You can also call us for Calgary boat detailing.

Check out this before and after picture of the best ceramic coating being applied on a car to see the difference for yourself.

"before and after image of ceramic pro being applied onto a car"

How ceramic pro can affect your car

Get The Best Use From Your Ceramic Pro

When investing into your car you should always look into and take advantage of steps to optimize the lifespan of the product you invested in. Ceramic pro generally does not require much maintenance but if your looking to optimize its performance and increase the life span of it you can follow the steps listed in this youtube video.

If you want to learn more about caring for your Ceramic Coating to maximize it’s performance and longevity, watch the video below.

What Does This Mean About Ceramic Pro Canada?

After all this information on ceramic pro Canada we hope we have informed you on whether or not applying the best ceramic coating onto your car is the way to go. For all our customers we take into consideration their lifestyle and respect for their car when we come to a decision.

Being well educated through this blog will help inform you on making the right decision for your vehicle. To put it into simple words the best ceramic coatings will benefit your car by adding value and protection but they are not a one step solution that will solve all your vehicles problems. Looking into other solutions may be beneficial for you, many of our clients will go the Paint protection film route and double up with a. later of ceramic onto their car. If you choose to make the investment now we are positive it will save you from many headaches down the road.

In simple words Ceramic coatings are not a scam and choosing the best ceramic coatings in Canada can put you and your car in a great position.

Paint protection film, glassparency and ceramic pro are generally what we recommend to our clients in order to keep their vehicles looking pristine, based on your usage which of these products do you think will benefit you the most?

Looking For The Best Ceramic Coating In Calgary, Alberta?

If you have read this blog to the end you are most likely a car enthusiast who cares about how your car looks and maintaining that fresh look at all times. When you contact Drip Auto Pros we can give you ceramic pro Calgary quote in a moments time span, feel free to ask us as many questions as you’d like because we are here to help you make the right decision on if the best ceramic coatings are for you. If you’d like to get in touch with us you can give us a call at 403-585-9827 or shoot us an email at