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Some people see car detailing as a sort of luxury. Not only is it much pricier than a typical car wash, but it also takes plenty of time. Plus, they believe a simple wash with some soap and a sponge is enough to get the job done, making detailing unnecessary.

However, car detailing is more than a luxury. It is a must for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle in the best condition possible, whether to enhance the driving experience or maintain the vehicle’s value.

With that said, timing is everything due to how sensitive car detailing can be. To ensure your car detailing is done at the right time, here is our short guide to help you understand the best time to detail your vehicle.

1. Time of day

If you water your plants often, you understand how important it is to water them at the right time. It is not because the plants need time to wake up or sleep, but rather the temperature of the surrounding air. If it is too hot, water will evaporate too fast before reaching the plant’s roots. 

The same applies to car detailing. If the temperature during a specific time is too hot, detailing will not be as effective. Because of this, always schedule a time when the weather is relatively cool. This can be either early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

2. Temperature

As we mentioned earlier, you need to choose a time when temperatures are cool for car detailing. However, the time of day is not the only factor that affects this. Another thing that can make your vehicle too hot for detailing is if you have just driven the car around a lot.

The car produces heat that makes detailing less effective. For that reason, when you schedule a detailing, make sure to arrive a little earlier to allow the vehicle to cool down. You can speed up the process by parking the car under some shade away from the sun’s rays.

3. Seasons

You might use your car more frequently or intensely during certain times of the year. For example, summer might mean going out on vacation or using the vehicle to go around to take care of business. Regular use can get the car dirty, including the interior.

Summer can get relatively hot, and the heat can hurt your car both externally and internally. To prevent your car from getting damaged, you can have your vehicle protected with specialized coatings to keep it safe from the weather before the summer sun is at its strongest.

The wintertime is not a good time for car detailing, either. However, you need your car to be in great shape throughout the cold months, so scheduling detailing before winter arrives is ideal. This can also ensure the car receives the proper protective coatings to keep the vehicle in great shape.


Put simply, you should have your car detailed when temperatures are not too hot or too cold. You also need to schedule it in preparation for harsher weather conditions.

That said, there are many other times where car detailing can be considered. For instance, detailing is a good idea when selling a car to make it as attractive as possible. It goes a long way in keeping your car looking great, increasing its lifespan, and lowering the risk of permanent damage. 

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