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wash a car with soap
Cars are beautiful, shiny marvels of engineering and technology that often cost a lot of money to be able to drive one out of the dealership. The issues we encounter after that moment are just far too many, and will often require regular and periodic maintenance, as well as proper care for both inside and
car going through car wash
We all loved going through those seemingly awesome drive-through car washes as kids. Seeing all those sponges and water splashing on the windows as our parents drove through to get a quick clean was reminiscent of being in a theme park. While these car washes are convenient, affordable, and extremely quick especially when you are
Calgary Car Detailing
When it comes to taking care of your car, you might stick by your convictions that a regular “wash and wipe” every other week is enough to make sure that it stays clean.  As much as you’d like to believe that this is true, the reality is that regular car washes are never enough to
Car Detailing Calgary
A good wash and wax can transform a dusty car into something almost recognizable, but if you want to take cleaning to the next level, consider car detailing. Car detailing is often thought to be just a slightly more intensive clean, but there are quite surprisingly quite a few things that could go wrong in
a red polished car
As soon as you drive your brand-new vehicle out of the dealership, this signifies the beginning of exposure to the elements and potential paint job damages. These are unavoidable even if you drive extremely safe, as so many factors come into play when you leave the car unattended. Depending on where you park, where you
white car
Throughout your car ownership, the importance of keeping it clean at all times never loses its meaning, no matter what season it is or how long the automobile has been in your care.  Regardless of whether you drive a five-litre, 600-horsepower speed machine or a simple minivan, its cleanliness is one that may seem small