Tips By Drip!

"A freshly detailed BMW engine"
The engine is a piece of expensive machinery in the car. It’s probably the reason you bought the car. However, it’s not as fragile as you think. If you know certain things performing engine detailing can be as easy as washing the car. What is engine detailing? Engine detailing in all its essence is washing
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The entire experience of car ownership is undoubtedly one that’s an emotional roller-coaster ride of highs, lows, and other moments. From getting compliments on a new set of rims to a slight brush with overheating, the entire experience is chock-full of events well worth remembering. Aside from memories, however, another aspect that’s well worth dabbling
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There’s no denying that owning a car can easily make for a life-changing experience that’s as enjoyable as it is challenging for any car owner. If you were to ask any driver about what the most exciting part of car ownership is, they might tell about the cross-country trip they took or the day they
There are only two scientific ways to maintain the beauty of your motorcycle, either you wash it or keep it hidden underneath a cover and only showcase it when you have friends or family over, but what’s the fun in that?  Knowing how to preform motorcycle detailing is a guranteed way for you to prevent
"A mobile detail that our detailing team completed on a Bentley continental"
Today we live in an age of convenience, we want all of our tasks and chores to be alot easier to do or we just blatantly want them done for us. In the same world in which we used to drive ourselves we now have Lyft and Uber. The same world  we once had to
"A silver chevy cruise that is covered in black tar"
We always complain about the constant pothole dilemma that terrorizes every single city. When all of our prayers were finally answered and we get a smooth and safe road once again, we get introduced to another problem. A fresh layer of asphalt is laid down it needs time to settle and smoothen out. Unfortunately for