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"before and after image of ceramic pro being applied onto a car"
Protecting your car from damages is the best way to avoid going through several trips to the garage to treat it from unavoidable scratches after travelling through rough terrain. Ceramic coating, commonly referred to as glass coatings or nanocoatings, is the best treatment for your vehicle to remove scratches and swirl marks while providing a
Owning a car is not just a responsibility but also a significant investment. As an owner, you need to be wary about your driving and also its condition. However, no matter how careful you may be at driving, your vehicle will almost always have unavoidable scratches. The problem with DIY car repair One of the
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The moment you take the keys to a brand new car and drive it out of the showroom, you know that this entails your car’s exposure to the environment around it. A car is no small investment, and your first vehicle purchase is often a life milestone.  The journey to car ownership can be a
auto Detailing
Not all car scratches are the same. Depending on how deep the scratches are, repairing them will require different methods. In general, there are three main types of car scratches: clear-coat scratches, primer scratches, and deep-paint scratches. While it’s easy to understand what they mean through their names, there are things you need to know
As opposed to regular car washing and waxing, detailing has been regarded as a science and art because of all the bits and pieces that comprise the entire practice.  With a human touch and various practices, principles, and approaches, this upscale cleaning process mainly focuses on getting a car back to the same level of
"A car having a sponge being wiped across the surface of a wet car"
Giving your car a deep clean is far from merely applying soap and running a hose through your car’s exterior. In cleaning your car thoroughly, there are many methods and procedures that you have to follow correctly. If you’re not careful, you might end up giving your vehicle a new look by damaging it permanently.