Tips By Drip!

a red polished car
As soon as you drive your brand-new vehicle out of the dealership, this signifies the beginning of exposure to the elements and potential paint job damages. These are unavoidable even if you drive extremely safe, as so many factors come into play when you leave the car unattended. Depending on where you park, where you
white car
Throughout your car ownership, the importance of keeping it clean at all times never loses its meaning, no matter what season it is or how long the automobile has been in your care.  Regardless of whether you drive a five-litre, 600-horsepower speed machine or a simple minivan, its cleanliness is one that may seem small
car interior
The interior of a car is one of the most neglected parts in terms of maintenance and cleaning. While some of us do try to be responsible car owners, there’s only so much that wiping every surface can do.  That’s where regular interior detailing for your car can help, especially if you have leather seats
"Car fleet in black and white"
While an auto detailing service may seem like an extra expense that isn’t worth it, perhaps it would help to consider how much you paid for your car and if you’ll want it to last. While modern cars are hardy and can get us from point A to point B, there is no doubt that
washing car sponge
Taking care of your car sometimes means that you have to treat it to a deep and thorough detailing service. Car detailers give expert solutions to your car’s needs, from dealing with scratches to implementing waxing treatments for extra protection.  Unfortunately, not all detailing services give their best in giving your vehicle the pampering that
a boat being detailed
It can be challenging to keep a boat in pristine condition since every trip can have different weather conditions that you need to be wary of. There are plenty of environmental sources that can also damage your boat ranging from mineral deposits, UV rays, and sediments in the water. One effective way to prevent the