Tips By Drip!

In Calgary we all prepare ourselves and our homes for the harsh weather conditions, these conditions can be extreme like floods or snowstorms or they can simply be the seasons changing from summer to winter. Why do Calgarians prepare ourselves and our homes for these conditions but not our valued vehicles?  Preparing your vehicle for
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Cars more than anything are investments and should be treated the same way. Your investments are probably taken care of by a fund manger, you check in on them once in a while and if something comes up you contact the managers to make some changes.  Your cars should be treated the same way, the
Calgary road conditions are incredibly unique, we experience the full harshness of all four of the seasons throughout the year. It can be challenging to maintain a clean car and implement a hand detail in the harsh weathers this city provides, the question is why should you choose a hand detail over an automatic car
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Polishing a car can bring many benefits to your car, the main benefits being a great new look and the prevention of discolouration from contaminants and powerful sun rays.  When polishing your car it is recommended to have some experience or learn from someone, ensuring you also have the correct tools and materials to complete
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Looking back at your car and seeing no imperfections is the best feeling in the world. Nothing will beat when you have to double take your car because it has an amazing shine that stands apart from anything in the parking lot. (Don’t worry your not alone, we all double take our cars) Over time
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After a harsh Calgary winter we are sure your car isn’t in the most ideal shape. Whether its was the cold weather, salt or other road conditions that affected your car we are sure spring is the best time to help restore your car back to its prime because it acts as a bridging point