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Why Maintaining Your Vehicle Is So Important As Calgary detailing professionals we strongly believe in maintaining your car.  Not following a proper auto maintenance schedule can cause many headaches in the long run while it can be so simple to simply follow the schedule Why don’t most people maintain their vehicle in the right ways?
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5 Transmission Damaging Mistakes
What is a transmission and what does it do? A Transmission helps transfer power from your engine to your wheels, it is an absolutely needed part for your car to function. Without your cars transmission your car would remain stationary and go no where. Because of how important a transmission is you can be sure
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waxed and washed car on a highway
If you have read any of our blogs you must have a deep understanding of how much time and money can go into restoring a car back to its original shape, This holds true especially when it comes to the exteriors of cars, they can be damaged from a wide array of things ranging from
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Hand Applying Car Wax Onto The Hood Of A Car

Car Detailing Guide To Waxing

A lot of people like to have a nice clean car, so they take it to the car wash or give it a hand wash sometimes multiple times a week, but what if I told you that you dont have to give your car a wash every couple of days for it to look and
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Very Shiny Detailed Red Car
Car cleaning is part of everybody’s daily life,  Our vehicles can become some of our most loved possessions, we all want to keep our cars looking tip top. Using the right equipment when detailing your car is essential to making the process easier while also improving the health and life span of your car. Auto
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Open Road Heading To The Mountains
Living in Calgary Alberta means you are only a few hours away from the mountains, beautiful British Columbia or even the United States! We wouldn’t be surprised if you already planned to hit the road for some holidays away from home,  Getting your car prepared for a road trip can help you increase productivity and
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