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Vehicles like trucks, cars, and even boats may seem to have the same clear coat finish at first glance, but there are crucial differences between land and watercraft that directly influence the proper compounds and techniques to properly maintain their shine. 

Understanding the slight variations and type of coat finish for your vehicle is the best way to ensure quality results, so the article below should shed light on the basics of car versus boat detailing: 

Detailing Do’s and Don’ts for Watercraft Vehicles Like Boats 

Boat Detailing Do’s

  • Do wash the boat first to remove all the dirt, dust, or grime on the surface. It’s a simple yet critical step that may ruin your boat’s coat finish when you skip this step since all the loose dander can cause hair-like scratches when you start scrubbing; 
  • Do spray some water and vinegar solution after rinsing to remove any possible hard water residue stains left on the surface;
  • Do apply some wax in a circular motion and let it sit on your boat for one, two, or more hours to increase its staying power;
  • Do invest in an electric buffer to remove the wax easily, but you can also use your hands to do so, though it will definitely take longer, ranging between a few hours to days, depending on the boat’s size. Keep in mind that it’s best to use the same brand for washing and buffing to achieve the best results;
  • Do remove the excess wax by wiping it off; 

Boat Detailing Dont’s

  • Don’t wash, wax, or buff hairline cracks, stains, and other surface damages since it will only aggravate the problem. Be sure to repair it first by auto repair services!
  • Avoid opting for a polisher since it can be time-consuming, plus the less-than-desirable results may not be worth the effort; 

Detailing Do’s and Don’ts for Watercraft Vehicles Like Cars

Car Detailing Do’s 

  • Just like how you would start detailing a boat, it’s best to wash the car first and remove any dirty layer stuck in the vehicle’s nooks and crannies;
  • The next step is to keep the wheels spick-and-span. Let the wheel cleaner sit for a while and hose it off and then spray on the tire shine;
  • You can then proceed to wax, though it’s better to do so when the car is parked under a cool shade. Start from the trunk to the roof, then to the hood before working your way around the rest of your vehicle; 
  • Keep the windows in tip-top shape by wiping any grime off using lint-free cloths;
  • Take the floor mats off, vacuum off all the dirt build-up, and then take the cleaning inside by vacuuming loose particles under the seats, dashboard, and rear window area. 

Car Detailing Don’ts

  • One of the most crucial things to remember when waxing your car is to avoid direct sunlight since the wax won’t function properly when it’s put on a hot car. 

The Bottom Line: The Difference in Effort When Detailing a Boat or Car

Detailing a boat and car requires equally careful attention, but there are distinct methods and products you should consider to ensure your vehicle receives the appropriate tender, love, and care it deserves. 

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