Every car owner can relate to how challenging it can be to maintain, protect and keep your car’s exterior in tip-top condition. You can follow a rigorous car detailing schedule in Calgary but it can be impossible to predict the challenges the weather can bring, from severe blizzards, roads which are covered in rocks and unpredictable hail what can you do to protect your car? In our expert opinion with the unpredictability of Calgary weather we recommend 3M paint protection film to protect your car, these coatings provide more durability and protective strength when compared to its competition ceramic coatings. So what are the top 10 benefits of paint protection film and why should you 3M your car.

1. Paint Protection Film Protects Your Cars Value

Everyone knows the scary stats that simply driving your car off the lot results in a significant decrease in its value and over time it doesn’t get any better. Calgary’s intense and powerful weather conditions will only lead to a further decrease in your cars resale value as well, think about when you go to buy a car. You would never buy a rusted, hail damaged car with rock chips, would you? The 3M film can help prolong the health of your car by acting as a protective layer from these elements, get paint protection film in Calgary asap if you are concerned about any of these environmental factors damaging your car.

2. 3M Films Prevent Damage Before It Happens

Environmental conditions aren’t the only things that can damage your vehicle, each and every day your car is subject to attack from several contaminants that are beyond your control. Parking lot scuffs, bug guts, bird droppings, and UV rays. These outside factors without the added protection 3M paint protection film provide can lead to damages that will cost more than the initial investment in the first place. An excellent example of this is a bird dropping landing on your car when left to sit directly on your paint it will have chemical reactions which can result in the oxidization and damage of your paint, investing in some quality PPF, 3M film or paint protection can go a long way by acting like a protective layer for your car against these attacks.

3. Paint Protection Film Is an Invisible Shield!

We have all seen the hideous car bra that is used to protect the front of your car from bug guts if you have not seen it just look at this image of a car bra on a Ferrari 360 Modena,

"A black car bra on the front bumper of a red Ferrari"

Red Ferrari Car Bra

Doesn’t it just take away from the beauty of the car? The car bra is an excellent option to prevent your car from taking any damage from outside contaminants on the front of your vehicle but there is a better solution and its the called paint protection film and lucky for your our car detailing company in NE Calgary can help you with this. 3M is the best Calgary solution because it is essentially invisible and will help your car to maintain a glossy surface.

4. Car Detailing Made Easy Thanks To 3M Film

PPF just has endless properties which benefit you, the best of these all is that it will make your car easier to detail. We constantly hear our clients say nothing beats seeing their car clean and 3M paint protection film allows you to keep your car clean easier thanks to its durability so you can detail it quickly (yes, this is the only time we will say automatic car washes are ok) because the damages caused from incorrect washes and details generally won’t affect the paint thanks to the layer of protection provided by 3M film. Paint Protection Film will also allow cleaning to be much quicker and efficient due to its surface being much easier to clean and harder for contaminants to stick to when compared to the steel of your car.

3M will also allow your car to maintain a new car look for longer, this is possible thanks to the 3M being able to remain glossy and polished at all times, how is this possible? It’s possible thanks to its self-healing properties which you are going to hear about next.

5.Paint Protection Film Saves You Money

Repairing the damage caused on your vehicle from all the attacks can be more expensive than applying the 3M paint protection film yourself. You’ll not only save money but also the headache form the amount of issues that will arise. Do yourself and your car a favour by investing in some PPF. 3M can also self repair itself, read more about that in the next bullet.

6. Self Healing 3M Paint Protection Film

Not many people know this but choosing the right film to apply on your car can make a world of a difference, there’s a reason some people can charge you pennies and some will charge you hundreds. When a quality 3M paint protection film is applied onto your car it can and should have self healing properties. Depending on the type of film the marks should be able to be rubbed off or it may heal thanks to heat form the sun. Its great how PPF can turn the negative sun rays into a positive for your car.

7. Removing PPF Is Quick And Easy

In the scenario that your paint protection film needs to be removed it is generally a simple and easy process provided you applied quality 3M coating onto your car. Some scenarios where you may need to remove PPF is when there is extensive damage on your car.

8. How Does 3M Compare To Ceramics

Depending on what outcome you are truly looking for each service provides its own value. Ceramic coatings are great solutions that can be applied onto cars but get a bad rep because they do not provide the same protecting properties as paint protection film. We recommend you think hard about what you really need then speak to a Calgary car detailing company to further discuss your needs.

It can be tricky to distinguish between a credible detailing company and an amateur detailing company to apply the 3M PPF on your car. Drip Auto Pros has been tried and proven true in our teams excellent customer service, you can contact us by calling us at 403-585-9827 or shooting us an email at DripDetailinh@Gmail.com