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Boat Detailing In Calgary

Are you looking to get your boat or yacht detailing done in Calgary,Chestermere or Airdrie? Well look no more as Drip Detailing has you covered for any and all of your marine detailing needs. We understand the level of investment and commitment it takes to own and maintain a boat and also the level of pride you get being on the waters with it,that is why we take extra care and precision when it comes to any form of marine detailing. Your boat goes through a lot when it is in storage and through rough elements of nature so preventing and prolonging wear and tear is ideal in maintaining the value of your investment long term, that is where marine detailing comes in. Exposure to salt water,fluctuating temperatures, direct sunlight, and all sorts of pollution often lead to damaging effects for your boat which could be easily reduced with the right detailing services. Regularly washing and waxing your boat will help prevent dirt,salt and other grime from chipping away at the finish and also help reduce drag towards the water allowing for an overall better boating experience. With state of the art marine detailing equipment, detailing products and years of experience we guarantee your boat the best detailing available.

Why Our Boat Detailing Is Great

All of our detailing services are performed by trained professionals that follow a set of guidelines and routine instructions for every boat detailing. For an exterior marine detailing we perform the following steps on your boat or yacht.

The first step in marine detailing involves a complete exterior rinse of your boat followed by a hand application of a special biodegradable soap manufactured specifically for boats. We then buff and wax the boat’s hull with an even spread of wax product through machine application, the areas with fittings and sensitive materials we will hand wax. The aluminum parts of a boat are subject to oxidation and will eventually stain if not serviced routinely, which can also affect the boat mechanically as well. That is why we use a hand polish technique on all aluminum parts of the boat including the propellers.

We also offer interior boat detailing services as well which include a complete vacuum cleaning, compartment cleaning, leather conditioning, vinyl protection etc We will also ensure that fabrics are thoroughly cleaned and then followed with a UV sealant protectant. At Drip Detailing we understand the importance of regular marine detailing to keep your boat running optimally at all times. With our mobile detailing services we provide you the luxury of not having to haul your boat to a shop to have it taken care of, rather you can enjoy a nice cold drink and wait for your boat to be ready for the open waters again! Protect your investment with Calgary & areas premier boat detailing company!