In Calgary we all prepare ourselves and our homes for the harsh weather conditions, these conditions can be extreme like floods or snowstorms or they can simply be the seasons changing from summer to winter. Why do Calgarians prepare ourselves and our homes for these conditions but not our valued vehicles? 

Preparing your vehicle for the troubles Calgary can bring is not too challenging and can be done fairly quickly, not to mention the benefits directly affect you by allowing you to save money, time and headaches in the long run. It can make your life extremely difficult when your vehicle isn’t prepared for these scenarios and you are left stranded so what can you do to prepare your car for any problems Calgary can bring?

This guide was developed to show you some of the common Calgary car problems that arise and how you can combat them, If you have any further questions that the guide could not answer feel free to shoot out and touch base with our professional Calgary detailing team, who are capable of all types of detailing even boat detailing Calgary.

Steps To Take Before Parking Car For Long

Many car owners in Calgary will opt in to parking their cars over the winter and spring time to protect their cars form the salt on the road and other harsh weather conditions that can damage their car. What many people don’t know is that parking your car without checking the right things off your list can cause damage to your car as well.

Before you park your car and place it in hibernation we highly recommend filling its gas tank up, buying a fuel stabilizer and disconnecting the battery from your car. Filling the gas tank to the top will help keep the seals in your tank from drying out, using a fuel stabilizer will allow your car to keep the gasoline from deteriorating slower which allows for your car to start much easier.

Allowing your car to sit while its dirty in bad weather conditions such as moist air can allow its exterior to degrade much quicker. Cleaning both the exterior and interior of your car can help you avoid any small contaminations from becoming large issues. If you place a cover on your car it is essential to wash your car before placing it on to prevent any dust, dirt or debris from causing scratches when the cover rubs against it.

Taking these steps may seem like a hassle but it is highly recommended to prevent any small items from causing large issues in the long run. Protect your car and your wallet by taking the steps in our complete detailing guide if you want to prepare your car for storage by yourself. The guide can be found by clicking here.

Does Direct Sunlight Damage A Cars Paint?

The answer to this question is yes, direct sunlight from the burning hot sun can damage your cars exterior condition and leave your vehicle much more likely to have exterior defects. Sunlight damages your paint with the same UV rays that negatively affect our skin, while you cannot protect your car by putting sun screen on it there are some better ways you can. You can park your car in shaded areas, completing steady clay bar and waxing sessions and use car covers.

Parking your car In shaded or covered areas is the easiest method as sunlight and outside contaminants are less likely to attack your car here. Getting your car detailed regularly will allow your paint to have an added layer of protection and remove any contaminants thanks to clay barring and waxing. Using a car cover will act as a physical barrier from the sun and contaminants, before placing any cover on your car you want to make sure to complete a quick wash to remove surface level contaminants.

*Bonus Tip* Purchase a sun deflector that can be attached onto your windshield to prevent these harmful UV rays from aging and damaging your cars interior, they will double by also keeping your car cool when you have to park it outdoors.

Cold Weather Conditions And The Damages It Can Bring

Very rarely does anyone enjoy the full length of winter and the hardships it can bring to you and your car. Cold weather can bring hail, snowstorms and requires salt on the roads to make driving conditions safe.

All of these conditions unleash havoc onto your car in many ways. If you’re planning on parking your car away for the winter you can follow the previous steps mentioned in the guide but if you’d like to drive your car in the winter follow the steps were about to lay out for you.

Setting a regular car wash schedule can be highly beneficial to remove any salt stuck to your car which can cause your vehicle to rust. Automatic car washes can be used but we highly recommend using a hand pressure washer or choosing the right auto detailing company to wash your car weekly or bi-weekly to remove all the salt. 

In the winter we highly recommend giving your car time to warm up in colder weather, when you see the RPM’s drop that is when you should begin to drive. Driving off before your car has a chance to warm up can cause transmission problems. Load up with the right fluids and get a mechanic to check your car out before the winter arrives as well, driving around with an under maintained car or without the right fluids is incredibly risky. 

Lastly to prepare your car for the winter you cant forget about choosing the right pair of winter tires. In Calgary this is definitely an essential no matter how great of a driver you think you are, choosing the right tyres will help keep you and others on the road safe.

This article should be used as a quick guide that covers the basics for driving your car or parking it in harsh weather conditions, if you follow what we have laid out you will have no issues with your car. You can always message us if you have any questions for us and if you’d like to book a detail to prepare your car for the harsh weather you can book by clicking here