Calgary has some great car culture, it isn’t surprising that a wide array of car shows are hosted around Calgary every single year.

The city hosts both private and open car meets for every type of gear-head, whether your a fan of antique cars, tuners, muscle cars or exotics we are sure there is a car show in Calgary for you!

This 2019 Calgary car show guide was assembled to provide car fanatics with a goto guide for these YYC auto shows, if we missed any Calgary car meet or any details please let us know so we can continue to update the guide to make it relevant!

The guide is organized with weekly car shows first, then specialty Calgary car shows and finally paid and or private auto events. Be sure to have your ride prepped and detailed for all these meets!

Barlow Car Meets

One of the largest weekly Calgary car meets is the Barlow car meets, this car show has been going on for more years than we can recall and is probably the closest you will get to a “typical car meet”.

The regular crowd consists of JDM vehicles and tuners and you can expect to see some burnouts (this may have been put to a stop and is not recommended).

This event takes place every Friday and Saturday from 8pm-9pm in the Barlow trail staples parking lot. 

Menace Wednesday Meets

If you’re looking for a close knit community look no further than Menace car meets. Most of the vehicles at this local Calgary car meet are JDM vehicles,

The group also has zero tolerance for for uncalled for behaviour such as burnouts, on their Facebook page you can find more details on this local Calgary auto group.

Menace meets founder is known to provides services such as PPF, Decals, Vinyl wraps, detailing and tinting so you can be sure you will see some clean rides here!

Western Subaru Calgary Meets

Lets all be honest, Subarus are probably some of the greatest cars for our Calgary winters.

It should come as no surprise that we have a dedicated Subaru Car meet within Calgary,

if this is a car show you want to attend it is held every Tuesday from 7:30pm at 1185 – 49th Ave, NE, (Tim Hortons on McKnight). To get more information on this auto group check out the Western Subaru Club website

Bavarian Brigade

Just like Subarus there is something about BMWs that just causes the owners to develop a strong bond over their vehicles.

It will come as no surprise when you see how beautiful the vehicles can be, an excellent example of this would be the Bavarian Brigade.

Bavarian Brigade, the local Calgary auto group has been known to host its own car meets but we have yet to hear back form them on an official date for 2019.

Quarry Park and Polish (Cardel Homes Calgary)

Cardel Homes

Carrera GT

Cardel homes is our personal favourite car meet,

this auto show has all different categories of vehicles,

from hyper cars, muscles cars and JDMs we are sure you will leave completely stunned.

These vehicles are kept in tip top condition,

you are guaranteed to see some crazy paint-jobs, vinyl raps and cars that look untouched thanks to their details .

have personally spotted the McLaren P1, Porsche 918, LaFerrari, Ferrari 599 GTO and Ferrari F40 all at a single event!

The car show is hosted annually and we have not been able to find a set date for 2019 but you can be sure we will keep the blog updated and let you know as soon as possible!

Ill motion Sunday Show and Shine

Ill motion Sunday show and shine is one of the most well known car shows amongst YYC tuners. At this auto show you can be guaranteed to find the best JDM vehicles, the event takes place outdoors once every year and it is not to be missed!

The vehicles are prepped very well each year by being detailed, paint corrected and much more so you can expect to see some top condition rides. For 2019 the event will be held on August 18th, 2019, the car show is typically held from 11am-4pm there  

Driven Ignition

Calgary Car Show 2019

Driven Calgary Auto Show

The only auto show in Calgary which is a direct rival to the Ill motion car meets is Driven. Driven is held In the olympic oval year after year and has incredibly large lineups,

Driven is held for two days and ticket prices are $18.00 for one day or $30.00 for two days and can be bought directly from this facebook page.

Vehicles at this event are prepared extremely well, you will also see many companies renting out booths to show of cars as well as there automative services.

If your looking at renting a booth or simply entering your car into the show make sure your car is well prepped in advance with a full package detail

Euro Cars and Coffee

If it hasn’t been evident we at Drip Detailing are huge fans of exotic vehicles, it should come as no surprise that this weekly Calgary car meet is amongst our top favourite.

It is organized by the Ferrari Club of Alberta so you can expect to see some of the rarest exotics at this local auto show,

Ferrari F40s, F50s and several GTO models have been know to show up and remember these are all exotic cars in Calgary.

We are still waiting to hear the date for this event to begin but as soon as we know we will be sure to let you guys know!

Calgary International Auto and Truck Show

Perhaps the most popular auto show in Calgary on this list is the international auto and truck show,

while this auto show is more of a car event for manufactures to showcase their new models you can be sure to find some stunning vehicles being displayed here.

The auto show in Calgary is hosted every year and tickets range around $10-$15, the event takes place in April 17-21st in 2019! Purchase your tickets here.

This show is perhaps the best one to show you the difference between a professional detail and just a regular car wash. The cars at this show will be prepped extremely well so be sure to take note!

Racing For A Cure

Reading this article is the closest most of us will come to a super car, racing for a cure however allows us to have an experience with a super car while helping out a charitable cause at the same time!

This Exotic car event has been taking place in Edmonton for 8 years, in the past when you purchase a ticket/donate you have the option to sit in an exotic for an unrivalled itinerary.

Going forward it is unclear whether this option will still be available. If you own an exotic car be sur eto sign up to this event to drive your super car like never before you can do this without worrying about damaging your vehicle by protecting it with Ceramic Pro, 3MM,

Check out their webpage to find more information and see what they are all about!

Private Events

Drip Detailing was fortunate enough to be invited to some private unveiling events in Calgary.

These events are kept under the radar and are accessible through invite only.

Some tips on how to get into these private car shows would be to either have a connection with the dealership or own a vehicle of the same brand being unveiled.

A notable Calgary unveiling event we attended was for the Ferrari 488 Pista.

The car scene in Calgary is incredibly large and we know we may have overlooked a few car meets, if we did overlook any car show in Calgary please send us the details so we can work to make this the best 2019 Calgary auto show guide.