Vehicles have become apart of many peoples daily routine and are nearly impossible to remove from the lifestyles we have become accustomed too. Choosing to own a vehicle instead of using public transportation can be very helpful, it is a lot more comfortably way to commute and can be a much more efficient way as it works around your schedule. However having the proper balance between enjoying your car, maintaining it and car detailing it can take a lot of hard work. Maintaining and keeping your car looking clean throughout the year can be extremely challenging this is why expert Calgary car detailers like Drip Auto Pros are here to help you. If you choose to opt in to car detail yourself we always recommend to all our car detailing clients to ensure they are washing their cars once every few weeks in order to protect the vehicle, remove contaminants and keep it looking pristine.

Why Calgary Car Washes Are Essential

Your car is more of an investment than it is a mode of transportation, when you really think of it a car is most peoples most expensive asset. Once this is put into consideration it can be hard to treat your car roughly or choose to under maintain it. Following a regular car detailing or maintenance schedule will help you to maintain the value of your car and avoid damage form any contaminants that can slowly take away at the life of your car. The removal of these contaminants regularly won’t just help hold value for your car but will also provide many aesthetic benefits.

When you choose to leave your car unwashed and under maintained they take a very rough beating and don’t look nearly as good as they should. Bird poop, big guts, dirt and other contaminants begin to attack your car as soon as your car leaves the garage, removing these contaminants weekly by completing a car wash to choosing a professional Calgary car detailing company can significantly help you move maintain.a aesthetically appealing car.

Benefits Of A Car Detailing Professional Or DIY?

Quality Car Detailers Clean With Care

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Car washes Calgary

One of the largest issues we find with our customers is that when they clean their car they assume because it’s a large piece of metal it can be tossed up and cleaned roughly. Your car is not a tank and cannot handle vigorous cleaning as well as you think it can, Calgary car detailers use proven techniques with the best products to ensure your car looks new while maintaining the exterior health.

Some of the most common issues we see are incorrect use of materials and bad detailing methods. Cars take a beating when you choose to use the wrong chemicals on the wrong area of the car, to avoid this from happening you can read the label to ensure it is meant to be used on the surface you are working on. The other issue that we often see prevail is the use of the incorrect tools on a car, invest in some quality products to apply applicants and to dry the car, don’t use the same contaminated microfibres and ensure you are following the right practices when using these tools. You can read more about how to detail and the right tools. Want to know what separates an amateur detailer from a professional?

Professional Detailers Know What To Do

It is very common for our Calgary car detailing team to see a customer bring in an extensively damaged car because they attempted to complete a detail, wax, paint correction or any other automotive service at home by themselves. The customer may have been trying to remove some stubborn contaminants that may have stuck to the car such as bugs, salt or perhaps even tar. Choosing the right Calgary NE cleaning company will help you to have these messed cleaned up and be worry free in no time, our team has seen just about everything when it comes to detailing and that is why you can trust us.

Be careful when choosing new auto detailing companies that are less experienced in the industry, you wouldn’t want your car to end up in a damaged condition so ensure you get the job done right the first time around.

Our Calgary Detailing Team Ensures Your Ride Is Safe For The Road

With the unpredictable weather conditions in Calgary it can be challenging to know what will happen and how to prepare your ride for what is to come. When you bring your car in for a car detail at drip auto pros our team will check the vehicles tyre pressure, windshield wipers and air filters to make sure you are good to go for the coming season. You should be preparing a more thorough check on all the fluids in your car along with the battery life and other mechanical parts of your vehicle, your auto mechanic should be able to help you with this but we are more than happy to refer you to some trustworthy shops if you do need a hand.

PS. Check out this video if you want to do a quick safety check on your vehicle at home.

So Who Should Pamper Your Car

Unless you an expert at detailing or are comfortable experimenting on your car we highly recommend choosing an experienced Calgary NE detailing company. Your car is constantly under attack by contaminants and you should make sure that it remains well protected and taken care of without causing any damage. Our team is also great at helping prepare your ride for the future and finding issues in your automobile that you may have overlooked that can be hazards on the road. Drip Auto Pros is also equipped with some of the best state of the art equipment to apply applicants and detail your car, we only use premium products such as glassparency Canada and the best ceramic coating.

Choose the professional unrivalled service of Drip Auto Pros to help protect and prolong the life of your vehicle, our auto detailers are trained to deal with any car detailing issue that may arise. We complete car details in Calgary NE but can be mobile depending on special requests. If you’d like t book a detail or just have questions you can email us at or call us at 403-585-9827. You can also ring us for RV detailing Calgary.