The Ferrari 488 Pista was a jaw dropper when it was unveiled, 

many Ferrari fans did not think they would be able to best the Ferrari 458 Speciale, but we were all wrong, so wrong..

Drip detailing was ,lucky enough to be able to get an invite to a private Ferrari unveiling in Calgary Alberta which showcased the brand new 488 Pista,

The car was in top notch detailer quality, it was shiny and the rims/tires seemed like they were detailed up by our own team.

This article will give a dive into Calgarys newest super car, check out the image above to see the fresh detailed Ferrari that was unveiled in Calgary.

Private events can be hard to get into but if you want to see his car at a local Calgary car show, checkout our guides for the best places to be!

What Does “Pista” Mean?

The 488 has many small things that set it apart from the regular Ferrari line up,

In order to get an appropriate scope of the car we have to explain the purpose of this Ferrari.

“Pista” stands for track, which means this vehicle was designed for one thing in mind, 

Just like its special or “Speciale” predecessors this car was designed to be the ultimate car on both the road and the track.

Its predecessors consist of the Ferrari 458 Speciale, 430 Scuderia and the 360 Challenge stradale.

These models are tend to go up in value due to the rarity and high interest they generate, 

Not many people will have the chance to come by one of these exotic cars in Calgary.

488 Pista V 458 Speciale

Comparing the 488 Pista to the 458 Speciale is comparable to arguing about politics, everyone has their own opinion and their is no right and wrong,

So instead of spending our time arguing which model is the best we are simply going to show you the improvements made to the Ferrari 488 Pista.

The Pista model boasts an engine packing 711 horsepower, this is 50 horsepower more than the standard 488 and the roughly 213 more than the 458 Speciale,

You will also notice an unreal amount of carbon fibre on the 488 Pista, it seems like the car is only made from alcantera and carbon fiber,

Carbon fibre can be found on the side skirts, intakes, rear diffuser, air splitters in the front and of course the complete carbon fibre wheels which are exclusive to this car. (Good luck detailing your wheels).

A quick look in the interior will show you exactly what we mean when we say the entire car is either alcantera or carbon fibre, even the sun visors are made form alcantera.

The only exception we saw were the velvet cup holders, were not sure wed want to use those because detailing those would be a pain, 

But if you own a 488 Pista were pretty sure your not going to detail your own car… You want to have a top tier professional detail your car and that is why you should visit us or call for a mobile detail in Calgary

Some other exterior differences you’ll see between the Speciale and Pista is that the Pista comes with more holes, 

Yes, literal holes. 

Performance Differences

The front end has a huge hole that promotes aerodynamics by creating a “s duct” which helps promote drag and efficiency, 

this allows the Pista to be improved by 20% when compared to its predecessor in the category of drag and efficiency.

Letting the naturally aspirated V8 go was a huge shocker for many Ferrari fans and at Drip Auto Pros we felt a little down when we heard of this as well,

However the new and updated engine in the 488 Pista is so damn good that we honestly don’t care about the natural aspirated V8 at all anymore.

What makes the 488 Pista stand apart for us is that when you shift the vehicle at redline you see no loss in horsepower, 

Typically in most supercars when you shift your car at redline the RPM’s drop, this leads to a momentarily drop in horsepower until you work your way back up,

In the 488 Pista when you shift at redline you experience no loss in power, so you are essentially always in peak performance. 

That was all we needed to hear at Drip Auto Pros in order to love the car, 

Our only concern for you if you happened to own a 488 is how your going to detail the unique features and if you are going to bring it out to a local Calgary Car Meet!