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Motorcycle Detailing In Calgary

At Drip Detailing we understand that motorcycle enthusiasts take a lot of pride in their rides and it really reflects their own image as well. With regular motorcycle detailing servicing we can help maintain the value of your bike while keeping it in peak performance shape for longer. Coming out of storage, especially after winter season your bike has been sitting and collecting dust and debris which you need to remove thoroughly in order to prevent any rusting in the future and a simple hose down will not cut it! With a thorough clay bar treatment with the proper wax application we guarantee the finish of your motorcycle to leave a huge impression on anyone on the road for sure!

Motorcycle Detailing Packages

When it comes to motorcycle detailing, investing in one of our premium detailing packages for your used or new motorcycle goes far in terms of getting the best bang for your buck and getting/maintaining your resale value when it is time to sell or upgrade!

  • Quick Detail
  • $49
  • Gentle Pressure Wash Rinse
  • Hand Wash
  • In Depth Wheel Cleaning
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Tires Shined
  • Water Spot Free Air Drying
  • Gold Detail
  • $200
  • Includes Silver Package
  • Cloth Seats Shampoo
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Ventilation Filtered & Sanitized
  • Headliner Shampoo
  • Leather & Vinyl Protectant

What goes into our motorcycle detailing?

Our motorcycle detailing begins in the proper environment, which is often in a nice shaded garage where sunlight cannot shine directly on the motorcycle leaving water spots.Then we proceed by removing the leather seat and side bags as to not damage them. Then we proceed to place a protective layer over the battery and the exhaust pipe as to prevent any water damage. We start the detailing process with a quick but gentle pressure rinse that is delicate enough on motorcycle paint to not damage it but strong enough to remove surface grime. We then hand apply a specialized motorcycle soap to your ride and repeat the rinse process. After the second rinse we apply a layer of wax on the motorcycles paint and dry it off. Following the wax is a hand polish of the metal and chrome including the wheels to ensure a complete shine on the motorcycle. Once the body is finished we put the side bags and the seat back on to the vehicle once we have fully cleaned and conditioned them!