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Calgary AB PPF

We Are Experienced Calgary PPF Installers

Our installation team has a combined 15 years of experience when it comes to installing paint protection film packages here in Calgary. We take pride in going above and beyond in order to ensure our customers rides are up to the highest standard and that the Calgary PPF package is applied correctly.

Calgary fam, come check out the video to the right to get a behind the scenes look into how self healing Paint Protection Film is applied onto your car. Give your car that ultimate gloss finish for years to come. Phone or Email us today, we’re here to make you and your car look its best, remember the looks you gave during the first year on the road?

Our PPF Packages

Whats Sets Us Apart From Other Calgary PPF Installers

We Provide The Ultimate Vehicle PPF Product Warranties , Warranty Coverage Entails:

Did you know? Our team issues a 10-year warranty directly from the paint protection film package manufacturers in order to put our customer’s minds at ease, we only apply the highest quality of paint protection film packages to your vehicle here in Calgary AB.

Look, save some money on expensive paint repair for years to come – we’re just as tired as you are when you look over to find your side view mirrors all dinged up after winter…the answer: Paint Protection Film!

We understand that Calgary weather demands a lot from your car, warranty applies to our full range of vehicle paint protection film packages including:

THE FULL FRONT (full hood, side mirrors, fenders plus bumper package, THE TRACK PACKAGE (front hood, both fenders, side mirrors, front and rear bumper, plus rocker panel – good for ultimate Calgary road/ track protection), FULL CAR PROTECTION, and The Partial Front Area finish (front bumper, 3/4 front hood, and partial fenders).

We’ve curated the best self-healing and non-SH paint protection film products/packages, destined for a lifetime of high-quality gloss/mirror-like finish to protect your car, plus keep it scratch-free from Calgary road grime! See for yourself, give us a call if you’re going to be in the area, our installers are here to get the job done.

We give a ultimate life time warranty coverage on installation services for vehicle paint protection film(PPF) finish. We help protect and keep your car looking new, clear mirror like gloss from the top of the line product & service lines we use. Plus, the full vehicle paint protection film is quintessential for our Calgary winters(we recommend the self healing/self repair, get the job done right!). Contact us or come by the best NE Calgary AB PPF installation specialist today!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Calgary vehicle PPF package features for your car, as well – make new custom solutions for you and your ride so its ready for the road. Don’t hesitate to choose Drip Detailing services for clear paint protection film products to your small car, .

We Strive for: Tip Top Customer Service, and the Best PPF work in Calgary!

Drip Detailing puts its customers first every single time, our team is recognized all over Calgary for providing the best Calgary car detailing as well as Paint Protection Film(PPF). Our team is open to help answer your questions and provide an unrivalled level of work and service for you and your vehicle.

Protect that new vehicle/ straight from the dealership look, from the hood to rear bumper, the ultimate paint protection film package for years to come.

Give us a call or Email us today to get in touch for your Calgary Paint Protection Film Package. (Also protect yourself money from a expensive paint repair job!)

If you’re still reading this. Get going..your vehicle needs The Drip Detailing PPF experience.

FAQs About Paint Protection Film

Our warranty for paint protection film lasts for the lifetime of your PPF.

The warranty will cover any yellowing, staining, delaminating, cracking, peeling, and other manufacturer defects.

You can maintain your paint protection film by ensuring you regularly wash your vehicle. If you are looking to keep your PPF shining we recommend performing an annual waxing. PPF is a very strong material that generally does not require much maintenance, however, you can add PPF film sealant twice a year to extend the life of the film.

Yes, PPF can be applied to any vehicle regardless of whether it is new or used. If your vehicle is used and has already been exposed to the elements any professional detailing shop will have to prepare your paint before applying PPF.

It depends on the amount of coverage, as well size and type of vehicle.

Basic packages may take as little as a hour and a half. Premium packages offer more coverage and typically between three hours to six hours.