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Calgary Semi Truck Detailing

At drip detailing we have years of experience with semi truck and work truck detailing. We have been through trucks covered entirely in gravel to trucks covered entirely in mud and EVERYTHING in between. We offer complete interior and exterior detailing for semi trucks , work trucks, fleet vehicles and sleepers. Detailing these larger vehicles often takes an individual a long time to perform without the proper equipment and expert help, that is why for proper maintenance and to also ensure the longevity of a large commercial investment most people opt to get their semi trucks and other industrial vehicles detailed by us!

No need to worry about water and electricity as we supply our own for a care free experience for our clients! With a complete mobile setup we can arrive and perform all of our exterior and interior detailing services when it works best with your schedule!

Why choose us for your semi truck, sleeper and commercial vehicle detailing

Semi trucks and sleepers help drive our country's economy and the work these trucks are put through reflect that. With day to week long trips down long highways, gravel roads and mud covered streets, semi trucks go through a lot of different nature and driving elements especially with our Alberta winters! Sleeper detailing is essential for a drivers health and safety as it also serves as living quarters for drivers as well as a form of transportation which we all know needs to be clean and maintained to increase its reliability in the future and minimize costs

What goes into a semi truck/sleeper detailing?

We understand the need and importance of a clean work environment especially one that acts as a vehicle,office and sleeping quarters all in the same place. Cleaning and detailing one of these semi trucks and sleepers however is a very time consuming and labour intensive process which can include the interior and exterior as well as engine bay detailing depending on your professional or personal needs. As a living quarter for drivers the inside of trucks go through everything your home would go through as well as your car goes through. You eat and sleep in a vehicle which you use to earn your money, you do not want to go to sleep in the same area that you have stains and spills in, which could leave odour inside the vehicle as well. With our complete interior detailing packages we can refresh the interior vinyl, condition the leather, steam clean your mattress, even clean the mini fridge and much much more! With our ozone odour removal technology we can also remove unwanted smells that could affect your driving as well, free of charge as one of our few complimentary services when it comes to semi truck detailing!

The Semi Truck & Sleeper Truck Detailing Process

A semi truck or a sleeper are both huge investments and we understand the need for you to know exactly what we do during our detailing process so we compiled a step by step process of just that!

Garbage Removal/Vacuuming

We begin the semi truck detailing process by removing all garbage from the vehicle and also any valuables / personal property and place them into their own selective containers. After the truck is emptied of any debris or junk we start the detailing process by vacuuming the seats,floors,compartments and even the mattress when it comes to sleeper truck detailing. Check out the video to the right to get a behind the scenes look into one of our Authorized Installers in Henderson, Nevada.

Air Compressor Crevice Cleaning

With our air compressor we can easily blow out any small particles that may be inside of the glovebox, overhead compartments, dashboard, and basically anywhere else that wouldn’t be easily accessible or even visible with normal cleaning methods.

Killing Germs With Steam Cleaning/Mattress Cleaning

Next is one of the biggest and most important steps when it comes to an interior semi truck detailing process, the hot water steam cleaning! With our high pressure steam along with our biodegradable chemicals we remove germs from vinyl and interior services as well as giving the mattress of the sleeper a good scrub down while also removing any stains!

Shampoo The Carpet & Upholstery

Our deep water shampoo process for semi truck and sleeper detailing involves a complete stain,odour and germ removal. By using a biodegradable shampoo solution along with our hot water machine we eliminate the need for harsh chemicals while still providing a superior clean

Leather Treatment

Oftentimes semi truck seats are made of leather and we all know how much those go through. To postpone any future cracking and protecting the seats from stains & wear and tear we first clean the entire seat and then apply a leather conditioner on top.

Ozone Treatment

For the cherry on top we provide a completely complementary ozone treatment for your fully detailed semi truck so that it will remove any lingering odours that may remain in the carpets,mattress,seats etc.

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