There can be many reasons why somebody would want to tint their cars windows, whether you tint your vehicle to add some aesthetic appeal to your ride or for privacy we all have our own reasons why we want it done. This guide was developed to give you some insight to help you decide whether you would like to tinted windows in Calgary, we will go over some benefits of tinting, common practices and the legal aspect of it all.

Benefits Of Tinted Windows

Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Cool

In Calgary summers cars can begin to heat up incredibly quick in our hot dry climate, nobody enjoys sitting inside a boiling hot car. We are sure you can recall sticking to the leather seats, the sting of metal surfaces when they touch you soon your car begins to feel like a dry sauna on wheels.

Window Tinting has also been researched and is proven to helps prevent/block UV Rays from entering your car. UV rays are known to cause cancer so getting your windows tinted in Calgary can be extremely beneficial for both your health and keeping your car cool.

Improve The Visual Appeal Of Your Car With Window Tint

Getting quality window tinting can help improve the visual appeal of your car and is the reason why most people choose to get their cars windows tinted. Getting the job done by a professional will help your car to look sleep where as doing it yourself or through an amateur can look sloppy. Choosing a professional can help transform your rides look, check out the transformation of this Range Rover!

"a before and after picture of a Ferraris windows being tinted"

Amazing window tinting job completed by

Window Tinting Provides Privacy

Window tinting comes loaded wth many benefits for a small cost, one of the most important benefits for our clients is the ability to make your car private from peering eyes. Nothing is worse than when you are driving in traffic and someone keeps staring at you, if you have ever had to change in the back of your car we are sure you understand the need for tinted car windows as well.

At Drip Auto Pros we have our own Calgary window tinting team to help apply this tint properly and ensure you are getting the right amount of tint to provide your desired level of privacy, trust us to help point you in the right direction.

Different Window Tint Types

It came as a surprise to our team and it should come as a surprise to you that there are more types of window tinting options out there for you to count. With over thousands of options it can be incredibly challenging to decide which one will work best on your car but Drip Auto Pros has you covered and is here to explain some of the more common types of window tinting used today.

Carbon Film Tinting

Unlike most window tinting options carbon films contain no metal within the product. Window tinting options that contain metals can lead to the blocking of GPS and Cellular signals which can block off those important phone calls you make using bluetooth or interfere with google maps in your car. Did we forget to mention that carbon film window tint also UV and heat resistance than other types that were previously on the market and it is also the most durable window tint.

Metallic Window Tinting

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this form of window tinting would be the exact opposite of the carbon film window tinting mentioned above. Metallic window tints were predominantly used because they ere great at repelling heat and UV rays but have since been less popular because they are famous for preventing GPS and cellular signals. The plus side to these window tints can actually be the downfall as well, if you prefer no distractions in your car this type of window tinting can block off your cell signals to give you the desired peaceful car ride.

Coated Window Tint

Coated window tinting is our favourite option but is rare to see because this type of tint is generally applied by the manufacturer when you purchase the car. You will seldom find Calgary car detailing shops offering this service because to complete the process correctly you have to remove the windows from the car to applying the coating. Coated window tint can be very expensive but can pay off significantly if you find a Calgary car detailing shop to apply it for you within your budget. Coated window tinting is also generally known to last very very long.

Manufacturer Tinted Glass

Manufacturer tinted glass is very similar to coated window tinting and looks phenomenal in our opinion but can only be completed for the manufacturer. When the glass is made the actually tint is applied inside, if you are looking for a tint which can provide the highest level of privacy this is probably not the best option as it generally does not come too dark and cannot be altered after it is put into place.

Infrared Window Tinting

Infrared window tinting is known to not fade and be non corrosive, it also provides great UV and heat rejection while allowing for GPS and Cellular signals. This window tinting process is very popular because it offers all these benefits at lighter colour tinting, this can be extremely beneficial in areas with strict window tinting laws, Calgary window tinting laws are pretty strict so finding the right installer to help with this can benefit you.

Window tinting can be like a 3M or PPF layer added onto your window, although that is not the intended use.

Calgary Window Tinting Laws

It is very important to know the window tinting laws in Calgary before you go and apply window tint to your car. According to this website by the City of Calgary you cannot tint your windshield or front drivers left and right window. They do not specify this but you are allowed to tint the rear windows of the car, the laws can change at any time so decide if it is worth the risk for you.

Calgary window tinting is a ticket able offence because in the event of an accident window tint makes it very challenging for first responders to access the car. Car windows are made to shatter upon impact to make it easy for first responders but window tint will hold the glass together.

If you own a motorcycle and want someone to service it, we also provide Calgary motorcycle detailing.