Hand Applying Car Wax Onto The Hood Of A Car

A lot of people like to have a nice clean car, so they take it to the car wash or give it a hand wash sometimes multiple times a week, but what if I told you that you dont have to give your car a wash every couple of days for it to look and stay clean?

Your probably thinking that I’m crazy right?

How else would you keep so much debris off your car – other than with ceramic coatings of course!

The answer is right there in front of you, the crazy car guy with the loud GT-R and the business man with the Mercedes do it all the time.

You’ve heard of it a lot as well but why would you need  to spend money on the “wax’ the auto detailing place only wants me to pay extra for some snake oil.

If you are one of those naysayers who is against spending the extra dollar on a wax or just not sure what a wax is, I would highly recommend you read the following blog that elaborates on what a wax is,what benefits it has and how/why you should be applying one to your vehicle today!

What is a car wax?

Auto detailing companies cannot stop praising a good wax job,

Car washes always have those wax options on their car wash knobs and you always see them at the local hardware store in the automotive section.

If your just a regular guy who just gives your car a good wash every now and then, 

But are now looking for some auto detailing products so that you can make your car truly stand out, we have to say that if you were to buy any products for your car, a good quality wax would be really high on our list!

The investment into a good car wax can save you literal hours of cleaning your car and make the shine last a lot longer avoiding all the headaches and back pain associated with regular automobile maintenance.

Wax is primarily a protectant for your vehicle shielding it from UV rays, water, debris etc. This is done because wax becomes a thin protective layer between the clear coat and natures waste.

Just as ceramic coating does, wax also makes your vehicle somewhat hydrophobic allowing pollutants in rainwater and road debris to easily slide off of your vehicle preventing damage to the paint.

With waxes you also get the main benefit that people look for, which is that new shiny gloss on you car you haven’t seen ever since you bought the vehicle.

How to apply a wax

Step 1 : Choose a quality wax, don’t cheap out!

Think of your car as an investment, you take it to work and back, spent so much money on it and have so many good memories in it, so why would you not want to take care of it?

Waxes are one of the most important products for your vehicle, make sure you do your research and find one that will work best for your driving routine, expectations and vehicle!

Every wax is different so don’t go in the store or on amazon and try to find the cheapest one, buy one that protects and lasts so you won’t need to worry about damaging your paint!

Step 2 : Give your car a nice thorough wash

You want to have all the dirt and contaminants off of your vehicle before you apply the wax as it will then easily bond to the paint lasting longer and being a lot more effective.

After giving your car a wash make sure you dry it thoroughly so that no water droplets are left on the vehicle, mixing wax with water during the application process once again makes bonding difficult and can also leave unwanted streaks that can be taken off only by buffing the vehicle in some cases.

Proper preparation of the vehicle goes a long way when your applying a wax, don’t skip this step as it it crucial for a wax to stay for an optimal length while still being efficient!

Step 3 : Apply wax in a cool area

Sunny days are usually the best days for you to go outside on the driveway and start working on your car but when applying wax, try looking for shade and do it there if you can.

In high temperature areas the wax quickly dries onto the vehicle making the later steps a lot more difficult to perform.

For resistance against sunlight and flying debris we recommend you apply wax inside of your garage, if not park under a tree or anywhere with shade. You do want to be sure no dust, debris or droppings will fly on your car if you are working under trees.

Step 4 : Choose a panel to begin waxing

Before you start applying the wax make sure you read all instructions and warnings so that you receive the best results for your work. Most waxes advise you to avoid contact with headlights, plastic exterior trim, tail lights.

We recommend you start the wax process from the hood of your vehicle and work your way clockwise around the vehicle. Apply a thin layer of wax, in a circular motion on the selected panel of your vehicle and allow to dry for the recommended time which should be written on the back of the wax packaging.

The point of applying the wax in a thin layer is so that you can easily remove the excess that is not needed afterwards. After the wax has dried and cured onto the vehicle make sure you wipe all excess flakes and chemical residue left from the wax off with a microfibre cloth or soft cloth in the same circular motion that you used to apply the wax.

Once removed the vehicle should now have that mirror like glossy and shiny appeal and be ready for a cruise through the city!

Benefits Of Using A Wax

If you still aren’t convinced of the value of a high quality wax and why it’s a must for car detailing and basic car maintenance then continue reading below and pick up a bottle or tub of some car wax today!

Fill in small scratches with wax

What does every car that isn’t covered in paint protection film or a ceramic coating have in common? Scratches and swirls.

No matter how beautiful and sleek the paint on a car looks a swirl or scratch can ruin the whole look of your baby. Although a paint correction would be the best action to take in fixing the swirls a good wax job can fill in some of the problematic areas that are not too deep on your vehicle.

The paste from a carnauba clay wax or a dried synthetic wax hardens and fills in some not so deep scratches not to mention that the wax layer on top of your car paint creates as a barrier that is a slightly resistant shield against light scratches, so it serves somewhat as an eraser for blemishes and a safeguard against future damages.

Protect your paint with a good wax

You bought a brand new car or even a used one and you want it to stay clean of course but you of course also want to preserve your investment for as long as you can.

Many auto detailing professionals preach the importance of having a good wax on your vehicle to protect it against all of the different things nature throws at you.

UV rays from the sun damage the paint on your vehicle by weakening it and creating rust, even rain contains acid which slowly bites away at your clear coat and not to mention tree sap and bird droppings.

Investing in a good wax can help prevent future damages and oxidation by creating that layered protection between your vehicle and everything it endures on a day to day basis!

Increase the resale value of your vehicle

You’ve had the car for a long time and it’s time to upgrade or your family is getting bigger and it’s time to trade in the lexus for a minivan or for whatever other reason you’re selling your vehicle.

Make sure you retain as much of your investment as you can by assuring the vehicle is in the best condition possible when it comes time to sell. We recommend a complete interior and exterior detail when selling your car including a nice wax to really make it pop on kijiji advertisements or when the seller comes to inspect the car.

But we also recommend that you maintain the vehicle with interior details at least biannually and waxes at least three to four times a year for however long you own the car.

Every dime you spend on maintaining the look and appeal of your car will be returned to you when it comes time for you to sell off your vehicle!

Last but not least….

Keep your car looking showroom clean with a simple wax!

This one is the most obvious benefit but we had to include it just so that if everything else failed, this will definitely convince you of the need to wax your vehicle.

To put it simple, you spent thousands of dollars on your car, you take it to work, you take it to your friends house, you take it to school, you get the idea. A car is not just a form of transportation, the condition and look of your vehicle says a lot about you, it becomes part of your persona.

People may laugh about how dirty your car looks and how you never clean it but deep down they associate that same slobiness to the rest of your lifestyle.

As a businessman or a businesswoman having a clean vehicle with a layer of wax that makes your cadillac sparkle speaks volumes, I know this person cares about his vehicle and in return his lifestyle and his work!

Waxing a car gives it a shine unmatched by a simple car wash, so do yourself a favour and order or get some wax today or book an appointment with your local professional auto detailing business and treat your car to a high grade wax now! You could also reach us for the best Motorcycle Detailing In Calgary.