"Interior shot of centre console in a car from the back seat"

Cars more than anything are investments and should be treated the same way. Your investments are probably taken care of by a fund manger, you check in on them once in a while and if something comes up you contact the managers to make some changes. 

Your cars should be treated the same way, the fund manager in this case could be a Calgary car detailing company and mechanic. These managers should have access to your car quarterly to maintain the car and keep you in the loop for any future issues that may arise, if you see any problems then you should contact them for advice, help or repairs.

Performing maintenance by yourself is a possibility but we generally don’t recommend it as you may miss small details that can become large problems later on. If you choose to perform maintenance by yourself you can read more about car detailing by clicking here.

Overtime some wear and tear on your car is inevitable. The best thing to do for your car is to tackle these issues before they can even take place, choosing the right car detailing professional can make all the difference in preventing issues. Not only will this save you the headache, money but also raise the resale value.

Sooner or later no matter how much you love your car you will probably decide to sell it. With the online marketplace today comparing cars and choosing the right ones has never been easier. Maintaining your car and holding high detailing standards for it will make it more appealing to buyers for a quick and higher priced sale, everyone wants to own the best thing so why not keep your car in the best possible shape. So why should you choose a professional to detail your car, what benefits does It bring when you choose to sell your car.

Exterior Car Wash Or Exterior Car Detail?

When you visit our professional Calgary detailing group we provide quality service and a reliable team to bring your car back to the highest condition. Visiting amateurs, going to automatic car washes or forgetting about maintenance can lead to a under maintained car or damage to your car. 

Our car detailers in the Calgary NE are trained to provide you a pat down process when it comes to exterior detailing. We start every car by doing a thorough inspection of the exterior that includes checks on the doorjambs, wheels, fenders, undercarriage, headlights and other areas that are often overlooked. Once we have concluded what your automobile needs we begin the wash. After this wash we begin to clay bar and wax your paint to restore its shine and protect it in the future, we are able to do this thanks to the inspection we conducted earlier to figure out what your paint needs to be restore

This process can help remove contaminants such as tar, bugs, dirt and many other things from your exterior auto body. By the end of a complete car wash that includes a clay bar and wax your car should be left with a deep shine and gloss that looks better than when you first got it!

How A Good Wax Can Help Your Car

No exterior detail is complete on a car without the application of a thorough clay bar follow by some high quality wax to clean and protect the cars paint. 

After a quick basic wash to remove surface level contaminants we start clay barring the car in small sections, this will allow us to focus on removing contaminants that are stuck in the cars paint. Removing these contaminants will lead to a soft, smooth surface that is ready for a wax to be applied to protect and give a shine like never before. The wax should not be seen as an option but is in fact a necessity because it fills in the holes in the paint left behind from the removed contaminants.

Apply your wax in the shade and ensure the vehicle is not hot to the touch as this can lead to the wax drying quicker than it can be applied on your car. The wax should be applied onto the body of the car then small areas such as exterior trim and door handles should be focused on. Depending on the condition of these areas and the instructions on your bottle will help you decide how much wax is needed, you can never go wrong the you follow the instructions.

Buyers want to buy a car that looks like it has been taken care of, a well cleaned and shiny car can portray this. Don’t fear if your car isn’t in the greatest shape, we can most likely restore it back to its original condition to help you reap a better return on your investment.

When you visit any carshow in calgary you will see how nice the cars look, many people would pay more money for these cars due to the wax and detail job completed on them.

Give Your Interior A New Life With A Car Detail

The buyer of your car will probably care more about the inside of your car more than the outside because that is where they are going to spend a majority of their time. Nobody would want to spend their time inside someone else garbage dump so get a full detail before any sales. If you’re strapped for time even a quick garbage removal and wipe down is better than nothing.

Personally I remember when I purchased my second car and I went to go see a 2010 Civic SI, the seats were smelly and moist, the cupholders were covered in some gunk and I could feel the grime immediately when I sat in the car. Immediately in my head I decided not to purchase that car, it was clear the owner didn’t care much about the interior so I could only imagine the level of care they had for the exterior or mechanical parts.

A simple clean can go a long way when you are showing your car to others, they are probably looking at several different models and wouldn’t hesitate to skip over yours. 

If you are serious about selling your car book a full car detail with us by clicking here or visit our complete detail guide to learn how you can complete a car detail. You can also reach us for a motorcycle detailing Calgary.


It can be challenging to learn how to restore a used old car into looking like a showroom car by reading a blog. We wanted all of you to know some of the best ways to do this so we attached a video to this blog to go over some methods that can be followed, these methods are not what we recommend but are instead backed by a credible YouTuber Chris Fix who does have some pretty solid content.