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Protecting your car from damages is the best way to avoid going through several trips to the garage to treat it from unavoidable scratches after travelling through rough terrain. Ceramic coating, commonly referred to as glass coatings or nanocoatings, is the best treatment for your vehicle to remove scratches and swirl marks while providing a durable layer of protection.

The process of ceramic coating installation

This installation will last significantly longer compared to regular applications of wax products that lose their integrity through weathering and high temperatures. Carnauba wax can last for three months at most, while paint sealants and synthetic wax can reach up to six months. 

Ceramic coating, on the other hand, can last for many years, making it the best option to provide protection and gloss to your vehicle. In this article, we’ll share with you the process of how ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle:

Step 1: Water pressure car washing

Detailers will thoroughly rinse your car to remove the layer of debris and dirt. To achieve this, they use a pressure washer with the use of a high pH foaming soap for the prewash stage. They will then make sure to cover all the exterior components of your car from the frame, wheels, and windshields.

Step 2: Exterior chemical decontamination

Tar and iron filing removers will then be used to disinfect your car’s exterior through chemical decontamination. This process lasts for up to ten minutes so that the chemicals can bind to the particles.

Step 3: Manual clay bar decontamination

With the application of a clay bar lubricant, the next step requires manual paint decontamination with a clay bar. This is done either with a cross-hash or hashtag movement in lightly massaging your car’s exterior. The lubricant removes the remaining contaminants on the clear coat of your vehicle’s paint. Detailers will notice the level of friction to drop down as they work their way in removing all traces of contaminants.

Step 4: Polishing and disinfection

To prepare for the ceramic coating, your car will need a second round of polishing and disinfection to its exterior. Using Isopropyl Alcohol with over 70% concentration with a microfiber cloth will allow detailers to wipe down the remaining polishing oils to be removed from the car’s paint job.

Step 5: Coating proper

Detailing services typically use a microsuede applicator cloth and a foam applicator block to spread a silicon dioxide solution on your vehicle. Similar to the decontamination process, the detailers will use cross hash movements to coat your car. After this is quickly applied, a 300 GSM microfiber cloth is used to absorb water to avoid leaving sunspots in your car’s exterior.

Step 6: Silica sealant wipe down

After leaving your car to settle for over an hour, the silica sealant will be applied. This step increases the silicon compounds’ hydrophilic properties, which enhances the gloss of your vehicle’s overall look.

Step 7: Chemical curing for your vehicle

This step allows the chemical process of ceramic coating to harden and bind the silicon molecules on your vehicle’s finish, leaving it with a durable layer of protection with an attractive glossy finish. This curing process usually lasts from half a day to a full 24 hours.


Ceramic coating doesn’t only protect your car from scratches. It also prevents your paint job from fading and chipping while giving it a glossy layer of hydrophilic repellent to prevent dirt and debris from sticking on your vehicle. Giving your car extra protection is the best way to avoid spending in excess from repairs and part replacements in the future.

If you want to give your car professional cleaning and waxing treatments, you should always leave the detailing job in the hands of professionals. We offer car detailing in Calgary that’s handled by a team equipped with years of experience and expertise. Get in touch with us today to know more about our different professional detailing services!