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In Calgary with the quick and unforgiving weather we often experience owning a well maintained or detailed car can be extremely challenging. For car enthusiast and regular car owners ensuring their car is in the best condition can be of extreme importance, having a top condition car means it is in good aesthetic and mechanical shape. To keep your car in the best possible condition a simple car wash and basic oil change won’t get you very far, while we aren’t car mechanics we wanted to help create a list to help you ensure your car runs great and drives smoothly to provide the best performance it can. This car maintenance list will require you to be aware of what your car needs and how often it should be done in order to keep your car in great shape.

Keeping your car in the best possible shape will not only benefit you by allowing you to have the pride of a nice clean car but will also hold your resale value allowing you to settle on a good price when you decide to sell it. Choosing to ignore these steps can lead to your car needing to goto the mechanic shop and rack up large bills for issues that could have been avoided in the first place.

Follow this 6 step car maintenance checklist to ensure you aren’t overlooking these 6 common troublesome areas which when ignored can lead to hefty bills.

1. Is Your Air Filter Clean

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Interior car detailing Calgary

The job a filter in any situation is to prevent contaminants from entering areas where they shouldn’t be while also ensuring the air is fresh and clean. The benefits of ensuring you are using a clean and fresh air filter are countless but to list a few it can help your car reduce emissions, improve the engine life span while also giving you safe to breathe clean air.

It is very common to overlook an air filter replacement and wonder why your car is sucking up more gas over time, that is why our Car Detailing Calgary NE team will help you by checking your cars air filters when you come in for a car detailing in Calgary or a Calgary semi-truck detailing.

2.Top Off Your Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid is the one fluid that can save you from an accident when you really need it but is the one most people forget to refuel or check the level of. Windshield washer fluid is incredibly cheap when compared to the other fluids and is also much easier to refill, you can fid it in almost any grocery or connivence store and can usually refill by flipping a cap under your hood.

Carrying a spare case of windshield washer fluid can be extremely helpful in cold Calgary winters because that is generally when you use the most, Glassparency Canada can significantly your usage of windshield washer fluid thanks to its hydrophobic properties.

3. Complete Regular Oil & filter Changes

"Checking the oil level of a car using a engine dipstick"

Checking The Oil Level On A Car

Just like you need water to live and nutrients to help you work without problems your car needs engine oil and filters to help it perform various functions while keeping the internal engine lubricants clean. Your car will use engine oil to help reduce friction along with wear and tear that can break your engine, the oil filter will help keep this oil clean for a set amount of time but will also need to be replaced along with the engine oil because it can only clean the engine so many times.

The amount of time or kilometres driven before deciding when to change the oil on your car carries form car to car but you should always consult with the dealership your car originally came from or you could ask one of our professional Calgary NE Car Detailing team members. Skipping your recommended oil changes is extremely bad for your cars engine.

4. Don’t Forget About Transmission fluid

Your transmission is used to help your cars engine convert that power over to the wheels in order to make I move, it has a large task and perhaps the most important one. Without proper care of the transmission your car may require expensive repairs or a transmission swap. One major thing we recommend doing is getting your transmission fluid checked and seeing the 5 top reasons why transmissions get damaged and how to avoid this.

5. Replace And Monitor The Coolant

I remember when I was driving to my high school in my old school Honda with this girl I really liked and then all of the sudden my engine started smoking up, it was already pretty embracing that I was driving a 20 year old car and now all of the sudden she thought we were going to blow up. I quickly pulled over and after a quick phone call with my dad he mentioned it only needed some coolant to be poured into it.

My engine nearly exploded and all this could have been avoided by simply monitoring the coolant levels in my car on a monthly basis. The coolant in your engine helps your cars engine stay at the right temperature to ensure it doesn’t over heat. In simple words, if you don’t want your engine to blow up, check your coolant levels and its systems every few months.

6. Replace Your Belts

"Engine on display with serpentine belt in view"

Can you find the belt?

The belts we are talking about don’t come in different colours and aren’t used ot hold your pants up, instead these belts help your car run its air conditioning, power steering and alternators in most cases.

Depending on the sort of engine you have your car requires a serpentine belt replacement at different times than others. When you visit your mechanic for an oil change you should always request for the mechanic to take a look at your belts to make sure it doesn’t snap while you’re on the road.


This guide is only a 6 step checklist that can help you avoid expensive car repairs and maintenance in the ling run, you should take action to prevent these steps if you want a car that runs smoothly and can hold its resale value down the road. If you have any questions or concerns our Calgary detailing group is more than happy to help, you can call us at 403-585-9827 or send us an email at DripDetailing@gmail.com