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Not all car scratches are the same. Depending on how deep the scratches are, repairing them will require different methods. In general, there are three main types of car scratches: clear-coat scratches, primer scratches, and deep-paint scratches. While it’s easy to understand what they mean through their names, there are things you need to know about each type of scratches. 

Below are the types of car scratches and the relative repairs that will need to be done:

Clear-coat scratches

These scratches are the easiest to fix since they are only as deep as the paint’s top layer. Clear-coat scratches are the most common car scratches, and they’re mostly the result of environmental issues. Unless you’re being extremely careful, or your vehicle is just on display, clear-coat scratches are impossible to avoid, especially since direct exposure to sunlight, rain, and even dust can cause these scratches.

The use of a rubbing compound can easily repair clear-coat scratches. To identify a clear-coat scratch, use your nails to feel the scratch. If your nails don’t feel any bump, you have a clear-coat scratch that can be removed with a buffing pad and a small amount of the compound.

Primer scratches

These scratches go deeper to the primer, which is the second layer of protection that car manufacturers add. The primer coat is meant to give the car a shinier and smoother appearance. While the primer coating is there to protect the car from deeper scratches, it’s important to repair such damages to prevent the damaged area from rusting. Primer scratches, although they’re not the hardest to repair, will require more procedures and expertise to repair properly.

While there are primer scratches that can be remedied using car scratch repair kits, it’s recommended to repaint the whole area to ensure that the coating is evenly applied.

Deep-paint scratches

These scratches are the deepest types of car scratches and are noticeable due to the exposure of the metal sheet. Deep-paint scratches are the most difficult to fix and are usually the result of car accidents or collisions. If a force using sharp and heavy objects is purposefully applied to the car, it can also cause deep-paint scratches.

When your car has deep scratches, it’s important to take it to the car detailing shop to get it fixed; otherwise, the metal can rust and corrode in a short time. Deep-paint scratches can only be repaired by experts. Professional car painters not only paint your car to make it seem brand new, but they will also fix any dents that came with the scratches. Car detailers remove any bumps and dents from the scratches to ensure smooth and evenly painted surfaces.


By knowing the different types of car scratches, you can easily determine whether you need professional detailing services. However, if you’re unsure, trusting the professionals will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Additionally, professional detailers can repair any type of scratches and restore your vehicle’s brand-new look.

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