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Is Ceramic Pro Worth It?

Yes, Ceramic Pro is a harder additional ceramic coating that lays over your car's paint. It's a worthy investment, protecting your car's paint job from harsh environments. Don't forget the winter months in Calgary can bring frigid temperatures, and the snow can last for many months. So you want to make sure your car's exterior is protected.

Ceramic Pro is the most hardened ceramic coating car paint protection on the market today, preventing minor scratches to the clear coating on your vehicle. It's an extra added layer of protection to keep your car's original factory paint intact for years to come as you drive down the road to life.


Our Calgary Ceramic Pro Process


Before our professionals at Drip Detailing apply the ceramic paint coating, we must prep your car to ensure that the Ceramic Pro coating is applied correctly. To achieve our clients' high results, we need to make sure the car's paint is 100 percent clean and free from debris. How we do that is, we make sure your vehicle receives a high-quality polish before applying the Ceramic Pro Calgary. We also work on paint correction to remove any swirls on your cars' paint when we are polishing. If we don't do this step, any paint defect will be magnified 100 percent by the ceramic coating.

Car Detailing Calgary
Car Detailing Calgary


Our certified professionals apply an even layer of the Ceramic Pro coating with a microfiber cloth all over your car's surface. We then scan the vehicle with a light source to check there are no areas where the ceramic coating didn't take. Once we are satisfied with the Ceramic Pro application, it's time to leave the ceramic coating to dry for 48 hours. If you are looking to have your car coated with Ceramic Pro, it's essential to call our professionals at Drip Detailing in Calgary. Applying this ceramic coating is not easy; there is a lot of room for error. That is why we take our time, so your car receives the best possible protection


After the Ceramic Pro Coating sets, it's time to pick up your vehicle. You can now have a piece of mind, knowing that your car's paint will be more durable and provide better protection for your car, which is a significant investment for you. A car is a purchase you will hang onto for many years, so the Drip Detailing Calgary professionals want to make sure your car's paint will last for a long time. Your vehicle will also have a better gloss appearance when the professionals do the paint correction before application; the car paint will also be a lot shinier than when you first came into the shop. That is all thanks to Ceramic Pro Calgary.

Car Detailing Calgary

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