Ceramic pro has been the talk of the town in recent months, Is ceramic pro Calgary worth investing in? There are severs other methods to protect your ca such as paint protection film Calgary, Glassparency Canada or simply getting a good old paint correction from your car detailing company. What makes ceramic pro stand apart from these competition?

Throughout this year you may have seen ceramic pro as soon as you go online, you may have seen the coating applied onto a car and then proceeded to watch someone throw mud, chemicals or other contaminants on the car. These contaminants generally immediately slide off the car barely leaving any evidence that they were there at all.

As a viewer watching this video you may sceptical about whether ceramic coating Calgary is really all that it seems to be. You’re probably wondering whether these ceramic coatings will really protect your car and why does a small bottle of applicant cost so much?

Throughout this blog we are going to cover the cold hard truth about ceramic pro Calgary and whether or not the best ceramic coating will benefit you and your car. Ceramic pro Calgary does offer a type of protection that is unrivalled in its own space but it does have some draw backs when compared to its competitors. So what are these drawbacks and

In today’s post, we’re going to look at the realities of ceramic coating your car, whether they do what they claim and help you decide whether it’s for you or not. Although the protection these coatings offer is unrivalled, they do have some potential downsides depending on what you’re after. For now let’s dive into where ceramic coatings originated.

What Do The Best Ceramic Coatings Do

"Image showing the benefits of before and after ceramic pro has been applied onto a car"

Ceramic Coating before and after

As soon as you take your brand new car and begin driving it your car will immediately begin to wear and tear thanks to the contaminants out there. The factory applied layer of wax will need to be changed roughly every season and may break down earlier depending on the usage of your car.

Ceramic pro Calgary was introduced as a way to help keep your car looking clean and shiny while replacing the need to wax again. You can think of the best ceramic coatings as being your cars first line of defence for the exterior paint.

The best ceramic coatings are able to protect your car because these tiny particles in ceramic pro form a very thin layer that fills in all the empty spaces in your cars paint. Ceramic pro Calgary essentially makes your cars exterior hydrophobic and resistant to UV rays, minor scratches, bird poop, bug guts and even graffiti! The best thing about ceramic pro is that you won’t even notice it on your car because it will be completely transparent.

Ceramic coatings come in small bottles because these chemicals are so small you only need that size of a bottle to fill the entire surface of your car. Ceramic pro Calgary is a very powerful coating and will form a semi permanent bond onto the car that can only be removed via machine buffing. Your car will be repelling rain while also becoming resistant to minor scratches and chemical attacks.

Ceramic Pro Calgary, How Can It Benefit Me In Calgary?

Calgary is a city with often unpredictable weather, choosing the right time to wash, maintain or detail your car can be challenging and often lead to many frustrations because it will snow the next day or hour… As we’ve stated in previous blog you will need to change the wax on your car roughly every season in order to prevent your cars paint from receiving any damage from contaminants head on.

Ceramic pro enables you to cancel out the need for a wax and can act as a protective layer for your cars life time, our 9H ceramic pro Calgary package is our most durable and long lasting ceramic pro. Can you imagine not having the need to go in for another wax every again? Ceramic pro Calgary will also repel contaminants, so rain, salt and other chemicals won’t stick to your car and damage them like they used to. In the rare case that they do stick to your car you can just take it to a quick hand wash and a quick pressure washed water spray will have these contaminants sliding off your car almost immediately.

Winter washes, spring details and quarterly waxes will all require minimal or no attention going into the future. Choose ceramic pro Calgary today to protect your car from the contaminants of tomorrow.

Ceramic Pro Calgary VS Paint Protection Film Calgary

How does Ceramic pro Calgary hold up against its proven competitor paint protection film? PPF has been long loved by car lovers and recognized for its amazing durability, strength and self healing properties. Each of these applicants have different benefits that they bring to your car and it can be wise to think through which one you need but we will summarize those benefits for you today.

Ceramic pro provides a hydrophobic coating which can make washes and the removal of contaminants much easier, think of it like a permanent form of the best wax you can apply onto your car. Ceramic pro Calgary does offer protection from scratches but not to the extent of paint protection film.

Paint protection film is perhaps the best option if you are looking to prevent your car against parking lot scuffs, deep scratches and rock chips. PPF when applied from the best Calgary detailing companies should come with a self healing property. If you want to read more about PPF you can visit our Paint protection film blog

Paint protection film does not provide the same hydrophobic properties as Ceramic pro but makes up for it in the strength and security it provides. Ceramic pro will help keep your ride clean with minimal protection where as paint protection film will protect your car with minimal aesthetic support, which one do you think would be best for you?

If you have any questions or would like to ask us some more questions about ceramic pro Calgary or PPF you can contact our expert Calgary NE Detailing team by emailing us at dripdetailing@gmail.com or calling us at 403-585-9827