Owning a car comes with many responsibilities, you have to keep it well maintained, drive it safely, pay the bill it brings and you also have to ensure your car is clean and looking great. Most people like to take the burden of cleaning their car upon themselves but this generally doesn’t workout well as they don’t know what to do, how to choose the right products and usually another commitment will push the car detail out of your schedule. 

The best way to keep your car in top top shape is to choose a trusted detailing professional, Drip Auto Pros provides auto detailing Calgary NE and does mobile detailing as well. With over 50 phenomenal reviews we are more than happy to help you detail your car.

Detailing your car must be a priority because they are victims to attacks from contaminants every day you take them out for a drive. Whether its acid rains, bird droppings or powerful UV rays a professional car detail can help prevent against these things. Not every detailer is able to provide a detail that your car may require, just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it’s protected from the elements. In order to ensure you are getting the best value we wrote this article to show you the 4 key points to watch out for when you get your car detailed.

The 5 Point Car Detailing Checklist. (Ask all Car Detailers These Questions)

1.How Do You Clean Leather Or Other Surfaces In A Car?

Every car can have a different combination of interior styles, wood paneling with leather to plastic with acrylic etc. It doesn’t matter how much you baby your vehicle eventually you will get your interior a little dirty or leave it subject to contaminants such as dust, rain or moisture. These contaminants can leave your car with repulsive stains and other visual effects but having contaminated interiors can also cause breathing problems, cause allergies to kick in and just leave your interior smelling awful.

Some of the worst cases we have seen are mold forming in the corners of cars, this can be done from excess moisture mixing with dirt and grime in the car. Not only will mold look terrible but it can make the air in our car dangerous to breathe, smell awful and just look disgusting. So what can you or your car detailer do to prevent this?

Choosing a good auto detailing company and going for regular monthly or quarterly details will put you in a position to avoiding this from happening at all. When choosing your detailer we highly recommend checking their reviews and pictures of their work to see if they have worked on car interiors similars to yours in the past. Ask them what chemicals they use and the process they will run on your car, many amateur companies will use one cleaner for all interiors, this is very wrong and can damage your interior. Each different type of surface requires a different type of chemical, ensure your car is getting the detail it deserves.

Cleaning the surfaces of your car can make driving more pleasant by improving the smell and appeal of your car. Nothing is worse than siting in someones car and having to avoid stains or wondering why it reeks so bad, nobody wants to be that guy so book a detail or complete one yourself today!

2.Does Car Detailing Include Shampooing On Your Vehicle?

When was the last time you got your car seats and carpet shampooed? We can probably guarantee you don’t remember and this is probably because you never have gotten them shampooed! The task of shampooing a cars carpets is often ignored or left unattended because many people do not know it is a thing, believe it to be unnecessary because feet will touch the carpet anyways or think it is too expensive. 

Carpets get beat on very hard during their life span, in Calgary many interiors we see have been damaged by salt stains and are packed with dirt from the sludge we bring in the winter season. Check out this video form our instagram to see just how much dirt we pulled from a customers carpet, we are sure you will be surprised.

Insert instagram video

Thats usually all the convincing our customers need to get their cars detailed and we hope that’s all you need to see as well. 

Asking your detailer if a carpet cleaning is included in the car detail is an excellent question and asking to see if they have the right tools and products for the job can be a great idea as well. When you do get your car back from the carpet cleaning your seats shouldn’t be soaked as if they do not dry in time they can cause smells form mildew and mold in the seats. Check in with your detailer if this seems to be the case.

3. Detailing The Rims And Tyres Of Your Car

You didn’t go and spend a couple thousand dollars to get your car the best rims and tyres to just watch them degrade over time did you? The part of cars that receives the most beatings is definitely the rim and tyres because they are directly exposed to all the dangers of the road such as salt, chemicals spills, dirt and mud. 

Allowing these chemicals to rest on your car can lead to permanent damage amongst your wheels and rims. If you want to minimize your risk you can get ceramic pro applied onto your cars rims or come in to see a detailing professional frequently.

A simple pressure wash wont always remove all these contaminants from your car. A professional detailer will use powerful chemicals and apply them with their hands to get into all the nooks and crannies to remove them. You can trust a professional detailer because they have experience on the best and most efficient way to clean wheels, ask your detailer about their process and check your rims after the car detail to see if any spots have been missed.

4.What Does A Car Detail Include For Exteriors?

Many amateur “car detailers” out there will claim that they are provided your car with an extensive exterior detail but they are simply washing and applying some quick wax on your car. While their cheap pries may be appealing this is not a real car detailing process and won’t ensure the longevity of your cars exterior.

Following the right steps in an exterior car detail includes evaluating the condition of the car, washing it with the chemicals required (chemicals chosen in the evaluation process), providing a thorough clay barring session then applying the appropriate wax onto your car.

The steps mentioned are a summarized version of the steps a professional auto detailer would provide but we recommend asking your detailer for all those services when you go in for a detail. You are already paying someone for working on your car, why not get the best work done?

Choosing the right car detailing company can be hard, these 4 steps will help you find the difference between a pro and an amateur. Amateurs will simply clean your car while pros will also help prolong the life of your cars interior and exterior. If you need help on figuring out how to detail your own car you can visit our ultimate detailing guide or if you’d like to book a detail with us you can do so by clicking here.