Owning a classic car is like owning a rare piece of art, it has beauty that will last forever but requires maintenance that’s unrivalled to anything else. The extra effort that’s required when it comes to classic cars is that they require quality car washes, car details and servicing that’s of higher quality and should be performed by professionals.

These classic cars weren’t made with the same tools and efforts that modern cars are, modern cars come from assembly lines and are made to last longer and deal with much more contaminants than their predecessors. Classic car detailing in Calgary can come with several challenges as these cars may not have been taken care of in the past and our climate can bring many more challenges to deal with.

If you choose to drive your classic car regularly it is getting regular exposure to dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants that can attach onto your cat giving it a bad look and potentially causing damage. Nobody wants to own a classic car that doesn’t look any good right?

Choosing the right Calgary car detailing team can help put your mind at ease and restore your car back to the way it looked in its glory years. Our auto detailers know that your car require special attention and care and will only use the best tools, materials and methods on your car. You can choose us from our years of experience and endless amount of google reviews but if you’d like to complete a classic car detail yourself you can follow the steps below.

1. Start With The Rims

Many car cleaning companies will leave the rims and wheels for last when it comes to a car wash but this is something that we strongly advise against. Your vehicles rims probably have taken on a rough beating and are probably covered in dirt, chemicals and grease that when cleaned let can spread right back onto your freshly cleaned car and contaminants the paint all over again.

You can clean your rims by pressure washing the wheels and rims thoroughly then applying soap onto them by rubbing it in with a mitt and washing them down once again. If your rims still look dirty you can repeat these steps or look for specific cleaning chemicals to remove any stains, brake dust or grime from your wheels.

2. Wash From The Top To Bottom

Now that you’ve finished cleaning the rims of your car you can begin focussing on the body of your vehicle. If you have ever cleaned a car before you probably have come to realize the best way to detail is from top down in order to reduce the chance of contaminants rising up and dirtying the already cleaned areas of the car. A huge advantage of when you choose to start cleaning form top to bottom is that the water will trickle down and wash away grime stuck on the bottom of your car.

To begin your classic car wash you can start by grabbing your pressure washed and completing a rinse from top to bottom to remove any surface level contaminants. When washing be sure to be thorough as the more contaminants you remove during this step will make it much easier in the following steps. After this step is complete you should begin applying soap onto your car and rub it in with a scratch free mitt, be sure the you aren’t allowing your car to dry as this can scratch the paint. Once the soap has been rubbed in and allowed to sit for a few minutes you can again wash your car from top to bottom. You can repeat these steps in order to get your desired result as well.

When we wash a clients car we have many more steps to follow in order to provide the level of perfection that drip detailing brings for all our clients but if you opt in to do it at home you will not have the same tools we use to achieve that same result. Our team will also go further and clay bar and wax your car to get its paint restored and back to its shiny pristine condition.

3. Choose The Right Chemicals And Tools

One thing that we stress to all our clientele who choose to detail their cars from home is to buy the right tools and chemicals to use on your car. Choosing to use dish soap on your car can strip away your cars wax and applying the wrong chemicals on your car can cause damage on your car that can cost an arm and leg to fix. To avoid these problems from taking place you can evaluate your car before performing any car detailing and find trouble areas and go look for the right chemicals for those certain issues. Before applying any of these chemicals be sure to read the back of the packaging for instructions on how to apply and use them, many times people will buy the right chemicals but use them incorrectly and still damage their cars.

Choosing the right tools also plays a huge factor on detailing your cars. Without tools your detail can take double or triple the time and the quality of the detail may be much lower than you anticipated, with the right tools your detail time and quality of detail will become significantly better. When operating tools for the first time we highly recommend practicing on a car other than your prized possession to prevent any damage, you should also follow the instructions and perform some online research to prevent issues from arising.

4. Finishing Your Classic Car Detailing Calgary

After you have completed the wash, clay bar, wax and addressed all the trouble areas you need to do a double take to make sure you missed nothing. After this wash you may have also recognized some problems areas that you can work on to prevent issues down the road, perhaps you’ve decided waxing repetitively is hard so now you are going to get some ceramic pro on your car. You should find your trouble areas and decide what the best solutions are.

Is That All That I Need To Do For A Classic Car Detail?

For the best clean up on your car or boat we recommend taking it to a Calgary Car or boat detailing company who has the right tools, chemicals and experience to service your car. You can still opt in to complete a auto detail by yourself and can use this blog as some guidelines, if you have any questions you can call us at 403-585-9827 or email us at DripDetailing@gmail.com