Dealership Detailing Program
Your dealership, our detailers

Your dealership, our detailers.

Allow our well-funded, highly qualified team to work for you. Every dealership needs a customized plan. Allow us to create for you a well-oiled detailing machine to flip your inventory quickly! The convenience of Drip Detailing’s on-site detailing includes:

Ceramic Coating

Wholesale ceramic coating & polishing services. Unrivaled defence against UV rays, oxidation, chemical stains, small imperfections, and other impurities is offered by ceramic coating. The coating produces a hydrophobic surface that is exceptionally durable and deflects water and other particles. This makes maintaining a spotless finish for many years incredibly simple.

In order to boost detailing sales, Drip Detailing will support any and all dealership marketing initiatives, such as flyers and promotions. Additionally, we offer the following:

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film should be viewed as an investment with long-term benefits that much outweigh any installation-related short-term costs. PPF is not just something you slap on when you buy a new automobile. Making sure that dirt or grime isn’t allowed to collect on or in the outside paint of your car is the easiest thing you can do to help protect the integrity of its finish.



All used and new cars will undergo daily maintenance and detail work. DripDetailing does all of its detailing tasks using the best cleaning supplies available in the market. Using the most advanced power buffing machines, scratches are removed, paint is applied, and interior safeguards are applied. All interior surfaces, including the seats, dashboards, and truck’s hood, are thoroughly cleaned and detailed. Each retail customer will receive a clean vehicle from DripDetailing.