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For our readers and enthusiasts of Calgary exotic car detailing we wanted to provide a first hand experience when it comes to detailing and we thought, what better way to describe this amazing experience than a blog?

So today we wanted to do a case study on one of our car detailing services we had provided for one of our valued car detailing client in Calgary.

Our client called us in to clean his Ferrari which we clasify as an exotic car and we were more than happy to work on his gorgeous vehicle.

When buying a Ferrari you have to consider that they do not come in the best of conditions when you buy them, even from a dealership.

Since Ferraris are made in very low quantities and made by hand, they often get scratches and swirls through their manufacturing and shipping process so it is up to the auto detailing company to fix those afterwards and make them look as good as they should off the lot.

It’s every auto detailing companies dream to one day build a business that works on some amazing exotic cars whether that’s a Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or whatever Calgary exotic car you may have in mind.

We recently received the honour of completing an exotic car detailing on a Ferrari 488 GTB, the owner of the vehicle had seen the work we had done previously through our instagram page and entrusted the responsibility of detailing his Ferrari with Drip.

Car detailing has grown tremendously as an industry and as a result we now have access to machinery and equipment that fully allows us to detail every portion of a vehicle and we wanted to utilize that advancement in technology when working on this super car. 

Our Task: Complete A Car Detail On A Ferrari GTB

"interior image shot of the exotic Ferrari 488 GTB"

We were given the task of completing an exterior detail on this exotic car, which included an undercarriage clean, two bucket hand wash method, complete wax and tire/rim clean and conditioning.

This car required a different set of tools and procedures to perform a successful car detail, not because it was a Ferrari but because it was a mobile car detail.

The day before we arrived to give the car the exotic car detailing it deserved, we did some research on key differentiators that truly set apart the Ferrari from any other exotic car in its class.

What we found out is that not only does this Calgary Ferrari 488 deliver unparalleled performance due to it’s magnificent engine, thanks to its sleek aerodynamic features, it truly drives like no other car!

Those aerodynamic attributes however proved to be the biggest differentiator in this car detailing.

The Ferrari 488 GTB pays homage to the original Ferrari 308 GTB by replicating the air intake scallop and the splitter division.

The bonnet has a raised centre with lowered sides angling downwards by a curved slope, all of these curves and edges on the Ferrari made detailing it a lot more difficult of a process than your everyday Honda civic.

These curves that exotic cars have are some of the differentiating factors between exotic car detailing and regular car detailing.

The owner of the vehicle needed the vehicle in an immaculate condition for an upcoming party that he was hosting, so we got to work doing what we do best, exotic car detailing.

Our Exotic Car Detailing Process

The first thing on our list was a complete hand wash using the two bucket car wash method. Before you let any car detailing company work on your car make sure that their car washing method will not damage your cars paint.

Our mobile car detailing team has been trained to complete car details on exotic cars as well as regular cars with the utmost precision to prevent any damage.

We completely covered the vehicle in a thick foam from our pressure washer cannon and began scrubbing with our wash mitts, this was just the easy part.

Luckily for us there was no tar stains on the vehicle which would require much more attention to remove when compared to removing regular dirt and grime from the car.

Most people would stop and think that a simple car wash is enough to keep your exotic vehicle clean and those people are right but in the long term, you need to take additional steps in order for you to preserve the paint and value of your exotic car for months and years to come.

After we had given the vehicle a wash and dried it off we began the clay bar process to remove any lingering debris or dust particles still on the vehicle before the machine wax process so that we do not drag the debris across the car and cause additional swirls or scratches.

When performing an auto detailing service or getting a car detailing company to come in and work on a high end luxury vehicle such as this, it is best to make sure they take the proper precautions to prevent damage to the car during the maintenance.

We had two of our staff working on this vehicle and finishing the clay bar process in an hour making sure we had covered every inch of paint on the vehicle no matter how uncomfortable the angles were.

After a complete hand wash and clay bar it was on to the machine wax portion of the car, and we can say for a fact, that was not easy.

Car detailing, although seems to most a simple car cleaning service, is actually a form of art and expression, and with all other forms of art, you must take your time to really perfect your piece.

We really respected how open the owner was to us taking our time on the car so that we could really make it look as beautiful as it truly deserved to look.

The machine wax was not to big of an issue of the top and the side of the doors as it was mostly an open area with few curves or edges, however with any rotary machine it is still always best to take your time.

Once we got the paint mirror on the paint all was left was a wipe down of the glass and a wheel clean.

The rims of a Ferrari commonly have aluminum or magnesium wheels and carbon disk brakes.

Applying the wrong formula to either of those surfaces can cause damages that sometimes can be permanent and would take thousands of dollars to replace or even just repair.

When cleaning the wheels ensure you get each and every single crevice to help prevent brake dust from forming up and to maintain the aesthetic so that it is the same quality as the rest of the vehicle.

Finding The Right Car Detailer For Exotic Cars

"Front shot of the Ferrari 488 GTB with a dog near the front of the car"

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or other exotic vehicles are all made up of parts that require certain precautions and select products that every trained auto detailing specialist should know of in order to not damage the paint. Although most Ferrari’s and luxury or high end vehicles come with a complete ceramic paint coat that provides extra resistance against scratches and swirls, it doesn’t mean that they are completely immune to acidic chemicals that can just eat away at the paint. 

Owning a Ferrari can be a very costly passion with regular maintenance and repairs, that’s why you should perform regular auto detailing services to save big on money. Trust your vehicle to a car detailing business that has experience and proper training in order to ensure the safety of your car. 

When you need a trusted auto detailing service provider make sure you only go with the best, make sure you only go with DripDetailing. With over 20 years of experience our team is properly equipped with all the right tools and knowledge to accomplish any project, big or small. We also provide mobile car detailing Calgary.