When the time comes to get your car detailed it can be challenging to choose whether you should visit an expert detailing company to complete the auto detail by yourself. You feel compelled to do it by yourself because you love your baby and think you’ll enjoy it but you also understand professionals know what they are doing.

Before coming to any decision we always recommend you take your time to evaluate the pros and cons to see which is truly best for you and your car. For most of us our cars are our most expensive assets and providing them with the best care will help ensure they remain in tip top condition, this blog will be an informative guide written to help draw the lines between the differences of a pro detailer vs an amateur detailer. 

If you have already made up your mind and decided to complete the car detail by yourself you can visit our complete detailing guide to learn more about how to detail a car, this guide will ensure you have the proper steps to detail and protect your car in the long run. Click on this link to see our complete detailing guide.

What Makes Professional Detailing Stand Apart

Benefits Of Professional Auto Detailing

  • Saves You Time

Professionals know what they are doing and generally have a pat down process to complete a car detail, on top of this they also use premium detailing equipment that will complete the job quicker and efficiently. Completing a full detail by yourself can take nearly 4-5 hours if you do it yourself or you can visit a professional and simply drop off the car. This can save you tons of time and energy especially in colder months when it can be very hard to clean a car because your hands will freeze up.

Drip Auto Pros located in the Calgary NE also offers mobile detailing if you are unable to travel to our shop, we also have several drop off locations around the city if you’d like to get your car serviced at any time. We want to make it easier for our customers to get an auto detail and that’s why we have all this in place along with our online booking tool to make bookings pain free. If you’d like to book a detail you can click here.

  • Get that premium car shine

Achieving a glass like finish on a car requires an experts touch, while we do offer many blogs which dive into and give insight on how to polish and detail a cars exterior it will still be near impossible to compete with an expert detailers experience. 

At Drip Auto Pros our entire team is made to go through several training exercises to ensure they are only using the best techniques to polish your car. Many amateurs will attempt to polish their own cars and end up causing damage instead of the desired shine finish. Professional detailers also have sued a wide array of products and know exactly which kind to use on your car and the amount needed.

Choosing a professional when it comes to getting a premium shine on your car can save your car from getting immense damage to its paint, if you do choose to complete the polish by yourself be careful to choose the right products and complete a clay bar and wash beforehand.

  • Professional Car Detailing Make Your Vehicle Safer

A car detail when completed by a professional will not only give your car the great clean and shine you desire but it will also keep it up to safety standards. At Drip Auto Pros when our customers bring their cars to us we are always sure to complete our standard vehicle check which includes a check on all the lights, filters, tire pressure and windshield wipers. Many of our customers do not realize missing any of these can result in dangerous situations with their cars. Our team has also developed an eye to spot concerns on your vehicle before even checking them, over time its become normal for us to point things out, it is similar to how a mechanic knows exactly what’s wrong with your car after hearing a noise.

Why Professional Car Detailing Can Be Left Behind

The only issue that can be faced when choosing a professional detailer is that hiring a professional car detailing company can be tough if you are on a budget. An expert detailer knows that their time is worth something and can charge upwards of $149 for a thorough auto detail. It definitely is worth every penny because it saves your time and allows for a better deep clean.

Should You Complete A Car Detail At Home?

There are two main benefits to completing a car detail by yourself, you probably already know them. 

The first is that you can save some money, doing a car detail by yourself may save you a couple bucks but you have to remember that you still have to buy the right products and equipment. Once you factor in the time required to complete the detail and the quality of the job you’ll complete is it really worth the hassle in the end? Its worth noting that you may also cause damage that can cost much more than a simple detail to repair.

Im not sure about you but when I got my first car and complete the detail by myself I felt some pride, looking back and seeing that shiny car and thinking “wow, I did that”. Completing your auto detail by yourself can help you enjoy the sense of ownership with your car. If you have an RV, you can get RV Detailing Calgary from us.

Why Auto Details At Home Aren’t The Best

Detailing your own car can also be viewed as a fun activity but overtime you’ll realize its just as big as a chore as cleaning your home is. Theres a reason why most car enthusiasts have a sponsored detailer or rarely detail their own cars, this is because they realize the amount of hard work, time and investment into products and equipment can be. Nothing can feel better than looking back at your clean detailed car and recognizing you did all that by yourself but wouldn’t you rather layback and watch some Netflix while someone was detailing your car? 

We are glad you read this blog through to the end, if you felt that you’ve made your decision to detail your car by yourself we applaud you and recommend you read our complete detailing guide to learn how, it can be found by clicking here. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you trust a professional with your car and want to save some headaches you can book a detail by visiting our online booking tool.