If you have read any of our blogs you must have a deep understanding of how much time and money can go into restoring a car back to its original shape,

This holds true especially when it comes to the exteriors of cars, they can be damaged from a wide array of things ranging from bird dropping to car accidents.

Our extreme weather in Calgary makes it even harder on our vehicles, the salt on our roads can erode our cars or the extreme hail can cause damage that can’t be repaired from a car detail.

Protecting your baby can be very challenging but following the right steps will not only help you avoid disaster scenarios but it will keep your car looking brand new.

So what is the best way for you to prolong the shine on the exterior of your car? Lucky for you we summarized them into three simple tasks to remember when it comes to the exterior of your car!

Protect Your Cars Paint From The Sun

Paint isn’t on your car just to look great, its actually there to protect your car from the many things out there that can damage your car. Since it is the first layer of protection it takes the hardest beating. 

The sun can cause your paint to fade and cause it to oxidize and look like this.

Paint on the roof of car covered in oxidization

Yikes, that doesn’t look to good now.. 

In order to prevent this from happening to your car you can park your vehicle indoors when presented with the opportunity, this is probably the best way to protect against harmful UV rays from the sun. 

Parking in your personal garage is better than shared spaces because of the unforeseen accidents that can happen in public parking as well.

It can also be beneficial to use car covers which will help against dust snd bird droppings (Wash your car before placing a cover on in order to prevent the cover from causing dust on your car from creating more scratches). 

Some car covers will also introduce a protecting element where if any small item drops on the car it won’t damage your car thanks to the cushioning provided by the car cover. This will not protect against hail or any heavier objects.

Touching Up Scratches Before Its Too Late

Its inevitable that you are going to get some sort of scratch, rock chip or other damage which will strip away at your paint. When your paint is scratched away and your metal is left vulnerable it is much more likely to rust.

Repairing rust when it is possible tends to be an extensive process, nobody wants their car looking like this.

Parked Car Totally Rusted Out Door Panel

While it is unlikely that one little scratch can cause your rust to become so bad, why take the risk at all. Just like if you neglect engine or transmission problems in cars they dont always cause huge problems but they should be dealt with.

Some car detailers will use touch up paint to fill in the areas where rust has formed, but this generally does not tend to stick well so it will not be the best solution to your problem.

You can keep your car safe from extensive damage and rust by carrying a small amount of paint filling product (such as a small paint pen made for your car and its paint code). Apply this paint filling product whenever you begin to notice a scratch or chip, for extensive repair always see a Calgary car detailing company and for boats, a boat detailing company in Calgary.

Keeping up with scratches and Knicks to your paint can help you prevent rusting to your car.

Waxing and Washing Your Automobile Regularly

Not only will this step leave your car looking new and great, but if you complete it the correct way that we have planned out in our ultimate detailing guide you can prevent your cars exterior from decaying in the long run.

Washing your car weekly in the winter and bi weekly in the summer is what we would recommend to any Calgarians looking to keep their car in top detailing shape. These regular washes will help your car wash off dirt, grime and most importantly salt in the winter. 

Salt is the silent killer in many Canadian provinces as once the damage aka rust takes place it can be a little too late or much too expensive to repair your cars paint. Salt can and will stick to the undercarriage and body of your car in the winter and cause the metal parts to oxidize leading to damaged paint and body on your car.

Following the simple washing schedule of once per week in the winter will help salt stay off your ride.

Washing bi-weekly in the summer is to prevent contaminants from sticking to your car long enough to cause damage to the clear coat and paint of your car. 

Contaminants when allowed to sit long enough on your car can damage your paint by simply sitting (Bird poop and other chemicals) or they may accidentally be rubbed in causing micro scratches to the car (dust, dirt and other grime). 

That is why washing your car frequently is so useful.

Remember earlier when we mentioned your paint was the primary layer of protection on your car? Wouldn’t it be great if you could add another layer of protection onto your car, good news for you is that YOU CAN!

That is why car washing is never complete without a wax job, when you wax your car you are adding another layer of protection on your car.

Using spray waxes are a great quick solution to help repair your cars paint and keep it looking shiny but generally they do not compete with paste like waxes. Paste like waxes generally provide a longer lasting protection which is what we prefer to use. 

Consistently Following The Auto Detailing Process

Consistently doing this can be very time consuming and monotonous. Not everyone wants to spend nearly 5 hours a week tending to their car needs. That is why Drip Auto Pros creates these guides to help speed up your process, we are also always here incase you are unable to detail your car. Choose the best Calgary car detailing company, choose Drip.