Fleet Detailing
A company's fleet is similar to a store's window display.
This lets clients know who you are and what you do.

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Interior Detailing

Deep cleaning and antibacterial steaming of the seats, vents, door handles, dashboard, steering wheel, and all other “touching areas” that tend to accumulate the majority of the dirt and bacteria are part of our mobile truck fleet detailing process.

Trust experts to look after your business’s and your employee’s safety. Your vehicle fleet will appear brand new with the help of our mobile detailing and cleaning services. We are your one-stop shop for all vehicle fleet cleaning needs, from exterior pressure washing to interior detailing, cleaning, and sanitizing!

Fleet Washes

We are your one-stop shop whether your fleet consists of pickup trucks, vehicles, tractors/trailers, pickup trucks, crane trucks, pump trucks, vans, and/or tankers. Our goal at Drip Detailing Truck Wash is to offer a committed, top-notch fleet wash service.

Decal Removal

Depending on care, vinyl quality, and other considerations, car decals or wraps can last for two to 10 years. Once it becomes worn out, it starts to fall off your car and the adhesive is left behind. If done incorrectly, this can be very difficult to remove and may end up harming your car’s paint.

Frequently Asked Fleet Detailing Questions

Most definitely, many of our regular customers who use our fleet detailing service can receive special fleet detailing prices with additional savings off of our online-published prices.


On a monthly basis we handle upwards of 20 fleets including Telus, Bison Transport, U Haul, Action Furnace, Amazon & many more

Future expensive repairs can be avoided with routine fleet detailing. Regular maintenance and upkeep are required for a stringent detailing schedule. Due to the potential harm that severe weather can do to your car’s internal and external components, detailing programs should take place all year long

Your success depends on the company’s reputation and brand. For a fleet business, trucks serve as a public face for the enterprise. Therefore, the trucks are like moving billboards for your company. People frequently equate the professionalism of your business as a whole with how well-kept your vehicles are. In general, prospective clients are more likely to believe a business that presents a neater and well-kept image. This gives a company the appearance of being more well-organized, dependable, and trustworthy.

Trucks that are dirty may conceal defects like cracked glass, malfunctioning headlights, or jumbled wires. A spotless car, however, cannot conceal flaws. Damaged vehicles pose a risk to your business as well as to the driver and other motorists. A semi-truck may be attempting to change lanes or make a turn, but another vehicle on the road may not be aware of this if the semi’s tail lights are dirty or damaged. This gives the vehicle in front no opportunity to make any adjustments to avoid an accident. As a result, the organization is also at risk because of the frequent incidents that could harm your brand’s reputation.