Have you ever had to wait in your freezing car for 20 minutes for your windshield to thaw?

Have you ever thought, “ Maybe I should’ve gotten those Rayban’s the other day” because you can’t see past the glare of the sun?

Or Have you ever been blinded by a wave of mud kicked up by a semi going the other direction?

Don’t fear, Glassparency is here!

Glassparency is a ceramic coating that utilizes a complex nano technology to insure and enforce the hydrophobic nature of glass!

Unlike most ceramic coatings, which are heavily waxed based,Glassparency bonds much easier to silica within glass based surfaces, due to the silicon particles within the ceramic coating, proving to be useful in all climates and also increasing driver reaction time by up to 34% !

The uses of glass coatings

Vehicle Glass Protection

The primary use for most of the glass based ceramic coatings is to enhance the visibility of all sorts of vehicles such,

The benefits apply to but are no limited too daily driven cars, trucks and suv’s.

Ceramic and Glassparency coatings are extremely beneficial to commercial vehicle drivers,

This is due to their need to drive through all kinds of weather such as snow , ice and rain.

With a glass coating the drivers vision is free of any road glare.

Marine vehicles such as boats, ski doos, yachts can also depend on a good glass coating to limit solar glare, ocean spray and also to resist salt water degradation and keep your glass looking cleaner and newer for much longer!

Solar Panel Coating Protection

Ceramic coating increases the longevity of your solar panels, increases energy output and reduces maintenance costs.

Protect your solar panel from other elements such as bird droppings, rain, dust and much much more by making it hydrophobic so it has a hard time adhering to those properties allowing it to be self cleaning!

Even during the winter time you can reduce time it takes for your panels to defrost thanks to the thin layer of protection ceramic coating provides, creating a barrier between frost/snow and the solar panel itself.

The key benefit of glass coating your solar panels and other surfaces is that it makes it anti reflective, which increases light transmitted through the panels increases their energy output levels, making you even more money or saving a ton off your bill,

Just another one of the benefits of getting a ceramic coating treatment!

Home and Business Window Protection

Maintaining a clean and presentable home is difficult enough,

Don’t make it into Mission Impossible when it comes to glass cleaning!

Treated glass with ceramic coating will stay cleaner for a lot longer making it so you dont have to spend hours cleaning it with a pressure washer or even avoid hiring a window cleaning company and spending hundreds of dollars every year.

Treating your windows with a glass coating also allows more natural lighting to enter your home giving it more of an aesthetic appeal and in turn increases how large the room actually looks.

Not only do certain “window cleaning chemicals” hurt the integrity of your glass some actually cause more dust and grime to stick to your windows, forcing you to buy even more of their product.

With our ceramic coating you dont have to worry about about dust, grime, oils, dirt, water stains and other contaminants as it creates a barrier of protection around your glass that also prevents snow and ice from sticking to your window easily and making it much easier to remove.

After a quick application from one of our certified glass coating installers and after just a few minutes of cure time you can start cleaning your windows with just a simple rinse,

No need to hire window cleaners or use all sorts of chemicals yourself!

Show Door Applications

Ever since the creation of glass man has hated cleaning it, the whole process of using windex and a paper towel isn’t the most effective way either, read our blog on how to properly clean glass here! But what’s harder than cleaning glass is maintaining it, water constantly bouncing off of the glass, steam showers fogging it up and all the chemicals that we use to “clean” it isn’t really helping either ! We all know replacing glass isn’t cheap and when it starts to fade, “perma-fog” or start to turn yellow it isn’t really pleasant to look at! A solution for this is simple, glass coating nano technology, a special chemically formulated ceramic coating that helps keep your glass hydrophobic and cleaner for a much longer time. You buy your glass so that it can draw a certain beauty to your home, don’t allow soaps,shampoos,mold and grime to take that away from you, save time, money and keep your shower sanitary with a glass coating!

Benefits Of A Glass Coating/Ceramic Coating

Repel The Harsh Winter

Canada isn’t the kindest when it comes to our winter months, layers of jackets, gloves and horrible driving conditions doesn’t help either.

At least we have hot chocolate and glass coatings to help us get by,

With a ceramic coating on your windshield and car glass you no longer need to sit in your freezing car waiting for the ice to defrost or scrape it yourself.

Not to mention the amount of damage that scraping your windshield can cause to your windshield.

Using a ceramic coating on your car will give frost and ice an incredibly hard time bonding to your glass so visibility through your windshield is never a problem, even during the harshest of winters!

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your cars glass isn’t the easiest and most enjoyable part of detailing your vehicle especially with all the debris and contaminants that dry up and accumulate as you are driving on a daily basis. W

Glass based ceramic coatings help you have no worry about any bug guts, bird droppings or road debris sticking to your windshield,

These contaminants will simply rest on top and simply disappear after a quick rinse!

Improve Visibility

Snow isn’t the only thing that a ceramic coating will repel.

When you are driving down a heavy downpour or driving down a very dirty road, maintaining visibility is vital for the safety of yourself,your passengers and all other patrons on the road.

Don’t allow a puddle kicked up from the side of the road put streaks of mud on top of your windshield impairing your sight.

The hydrophobic nature of your glass after treated with a glass coating allows for rain and mud to constantly slide off at a much quicker and safer rate than your windshield wipers ensuring maximum visibility increasing the safety of everyone on the road.

When it rains, it pours and a lot of people have experienced or heard of someone who had to stop driving and had to pull over just because of how much the rain blocked their view,

Now you can keep trekking without any stops thanks to glass coatings, thanks to its water repelling properties!  

A ceramic coating for your glass is a basic must-have product for an easier and safer driving experience!

Keep your car looking nice!

Lets keep it simple and to the point, a clean car says a lot about you.

You can apply multiple different waxes to the paint of your vehicle, tire shine on your wheels, shampoo the interior or restore your headlights. 

But to keep the glass on your brand new Porsche looking pristine along with the rest of the vehicle, a ceramic coating is mandatory.

Get that shine that windex can never provide and make your car truly pop out and give it new life.

Video On How Ceramic Coatings Work

We understand that many of our clients want to see our products in action, this is always the case with our excellent tire shine and ceramic coatings.

You are always more than welcome to swing by the shop to see our nano coatings in action but check out this video for a quick explanation.

The Process Of Applying A Glass Coating

Trained Professional Installers

To be sure that you really are getting the best value for your hard earned dollar, we highly recommend that you get a trained certified installer to apply the ceramic coating on your vehicle, home or any surface!

The team at DripAutoPro’s all go through an extensive training process that includes classes, training seminars, and training periods from Glassparency and CeramicPro to ensure that we can truly provide the best quality service with the very best ceramic coatings on the market!

If you are looking to get a Calgary ceramic coating out team at Drip detailing can ensure your ride is looking great

If you want to get optimal results and ensure longevity from your glass coating go to a trained installer.

How To Apply A Glass Coating

Prepping your glass for a ceramic coating

A ceramic coating is a product that is easily worth the investment for sure but it must be properly installed and prepped for it to truly keep it’s hydrophobic properties years after installed.

Firstly, we like to first clay all our clients glass with a specific glass based clay bar and with light lubrications,

This is done so that we can remove all contaminants and road dust from the glass allowing for the glass coating to properly bond to the clean and smooth glass surface.

Next step is first cleanse the glass so that it prepare and increase the bond ability of the surface so that the ceramic coating lasts for years on top of your vehicle.

You want to cleanse your vehicle indoors and in the shade to avoid any heat to prevent the solution from drying up or cause any streaking.

Microfiber towels are then used to remove the chemicals and residue from your car to leave just the bare glass for the final ceramic coating step.

To complete the final step you will need complete glass coating kit with ceramic coating, applicator pad and a suede microfiber cloth.

Divide the windshield in quadrants for ease of application.

Pour the ceramic coating onto your microfiber cloth and applicator pad and apply to the glass, make sure you get the entire surface and corners of the windshield and wipe off with a clean microfibre.

There you go, now you have increased visibility, safety and beauty with an application of a glass coating.

How long does a glass coating last? / Our warranty

Bringing your vehicle to us for your ceramic coating needs has countless benefits but one of the most important is that we offer our 3 year warranty and maintenance service with each application.

We submit a digital warranty to the glass coating manufacturer and offer you a complimentary maintenance every 3 month months to ensure the effects of your coating last.

I Already Ceramic Coated My Car

Your cars windows look shiny and stunning just like your tires, this is all thanks to ceramic and glassparency.

but have you considered restoring your headlights, this simple process can increase visibility and make your car look much better. Don’t believe us check out this image.

Calgary Ceramic Pro

How To Restore Headlights