Your car is your baby and we can understand if you want it to look amazing all the time, this can be an uphill battle because you may not know what to do when it comes to auto detailing or which car detailing company you can trust with your baby. Your car is generally your most loved asset and ensuring it gets the level of service Drip auto pros car detailers in Calgary provide can be challenging when you visit other car cleaning companies. More often than not we find that our competitors will skip over important areas on your car, use cheap products and tools which results in your vehicle potentially getting damaged or receiving a low quality detail.

To help you and your car avoid dealing with such providers we highly recommend screening your potential prospects for auto detailing with the following steps we list out in this guide, check their google reviews and then if you still have questions that you should shoot them a text. A quality auto detailing company won’t get annoyed if you ask many questions but a company with something to hide will.

Now, how can you separate the real quality companies from the joe blows of car detailing? Let’s look further into what really sets an amateur apart from a pro and make you an expert at weeding the amateurs out.

1. Learn More About Auto Detailing & Car Washes

You cant expect to weed the amateurs apart from the pros if you do not know anything about their craft and what it is they do, more often than you’d think we find many people start businesses in industries that they know little to nothing about but since they are eloquent they can get by nearly anyones radars.

The number one way that you can find a detailing company that you trust is by learning as much as you can about car detailing, car washes, ceramic pro and all the other complimentary industries. Begin by learning a little about the products, its benefits and how they work. Once you have a rough understanding you should look into the best application processes for the products, doing this will allow you to learn about what processes your detailer should be following. Different products need to be used on different materials on cars, scan your car and look into the best products for your vehicle, it wouldn’t bring you much of a benefit to learn about leather cleaner if you have fabric seats but learning about shampooing would be an ideal topic for you to learn about.

2. Ask Questions About Car Detailing

The entry level to start a car detailing business is incredibly low because many people can clean a car and post a picture on social media, but very few individuals will actually use the right products or show the hidden damage that they probably caused to the vehicle.

Car detailing is not just a service to make your car look shiny and brand new but instead it works as a way to protect your car from getting damaged from outside contaminants such as UV rays, minor scratches and other contaminants. Amateurs typically just aim to clean a car up and forget about actually focussing on the areas that matter such as increasing the protection of your car which can help keep it looking great for a very long time.

A good car detailer performs an evaluation on your car and finds all the areas that require work before beginning work on them in order to provide a detail which will actually protect your car in the long run. A professional car cleaning company will not have any problems answering your questions about what they are doing on your car or simply just to educate you, take advantage of this to see if they really are providing you a auto detail with value.

3. Your Detailer Is Your Advisor

Car detailing is offered by many companies across Calgary but finding a company that truly cars about your car and goes above and beyond to provide you with advice that can set you up for the future is very rare. Our Calgary NE car detailing company strongly believes in advising our clients about areas in their cars that may need to be looked after to improve the safety of their ride, we look at clients cars tyre pressure, headlights, filter and fluid levels to make sure they are prepared for what the road has to offer.

We don’t stop there, asides from helping you make sure you ride is safe for the winter roads we also help provide our clients with detailing advice to protect and keep their cars looking clean. When we finish off a car detail on a clients cars we provide our clients with a microfibre and some tools if they want to clean their cars, if we notice a surplus of swirl marks we are sure to provide some advice on how to avoid this. Our advice varies from client to client because we believe in providing the right advice to clients and not just repeat the same old recycled advice.

Drip Detailing is also more than willing to answer any of the questions you have about your car or any detailing process, if you’d like you can call us at 403-585-9827 or shoot us an email at

4. Do You Trust Your Detailer?

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Best Calgary Car Detailers

Working on a car can come with a high amount of risk, especially when it comes to auto detailing. Car detailing requires the use of strong chemicals and tools that when used incorrectly can severely damage your car leading to expensive repairs. Your detailer should be experienced and know exactly what they are doing on your car in order to prevent the risk of any damage on your car.

Many times in the past we have had clients bring in cars that have been damaged by amateur detailers, often in these cases the amateur detailers will try to cover up the damage as well! We highly recommend checking the google reviews on a car detailer before you decide on going to them and ask questions about their car detailing processes. Invest time in choosing the right company to complete a car or bike detail for yourself or get in touch with our Car and motorcycle detailing Calgary NE team if you have any questions.