"Hand washing a car with a sponge"

Calgary road conditions are incredibly unique, we experience the full harshness of all four of the seasons throughout the year. It can be challenging to maintain a clean car and implement a hand detail in the harsh weathers this city provides, the question is why should you choose a hand detail over an automatic car wash or is it even worth maintaining your cars exterior?

To put it simply we recommend everyone to detail their cars regularly throughout the year, this can help you save money by preventing damages and increases the safety of your car. If you have ever been stuck in harsh weather with a dirty windshield or you may have simply missed replacing something like windshield wiper that your detailer could have pointed out to you. Regular details allow you to keep your car in great shape, looking good and save you money in the long run. 

Services such as ceramic pro, PPF (Paint Protection Film) and Glassparency can prolong the life of your vehicle as well as make it much easier to maintain. All of these solutions come with the benefit of being hydrophobic which repels water which will repel liquids, this will allow you to make detailing and washes much quicker. 

In this article we are going to discuss why you should invest in hand-washing your vehicle instead of choosing an automatic car wash or no wash at all. Keep reading to hear some of the most common questions our customers ask us get answered.

Professional Car Washing Compared To An Amateur

Almost everyone has completed an auto wash or car detail by themselves in the past, you probably did this because it seemed easier or could save you a couple bucks but once you started you probably realized this wasn’t true. 

Car Detailing may seem “fun” but quickly your enthusiasm will die away due to the eye for small details needed and the toughness of cleaning in small spaces. It doesn’t stop there, you may have even experienced causing some damage to your car when you attempted a detail by yourself, it can be much easier to cause irreversible damage to your car than you think.

When you hire a professional Calgary detailing company like Drip Auto Pros you are guaranteed to save yourself from the headache, physical pains and preventing the chance of any damage to your car. Those are some of the minor benefits, one of the major benefits is that we will ensure your entire ride is taken care of and is safe for the road. Did you know our team will check your wiper blades, air filters, tire pressure and other areas of concern to ensure you are safe on the road!

How Often Should I Detail My Car?

Automatic car washes can miss details and in many cases not clean your car properly, when you choose a detailing company to do a hand wash it is guaranteed to be a deep clean not missing areas. Because of the superior cleaning offered by hand detailing you will need to detail your car less often compared to when you choose automatic washes or amateur detailers.

However the frequency of the times your car will require a detail are directly in line with how you treat it, weather conditions and other external factors. In areas where there is rough conditions we recommend our clients get a car detail once every month but if you treat your car with the utmost care and it isn’t exposed to harsh conditions a detail once a quarter should do you well.

If you choose to do details less frequently than what we recommend we advise you to mention that to your detailer and ask them to clay and wax your car for protection in the long run. Failing to get details done in time can lead to your cars lifespan decreasing, if you’d like to complete a detail yourself or see what goes into It you can check out our article by clicking here.

Whats Included In Hand Washing?

Hand washing is much more detailed than typical washes on cars, this service is generally grouped together with a full detailing package. A full detailing package includes services which cover the interior, exterior and undercarriage of your car. 

The exterior is detailed by being washed, clay barred and waxed. Areas such as the rims and lights are provided attention as well but require different steps when compared to the previously mentioned areas. Interior details include can include a vacuum, steaming, shampooing, vinyl cleaning and window cleaning. You can also opt in to get your engine bay detailed as well. Occasionally our clients will ask us to fix or repair areas on their cars, these can be included in the detail as well. Be sure to ask us next time you bring your car in.

While the descriptions we provided were very limited you can read more about what goes into a full detail by clicking here. Providing a detail on a car is no simple task but with the guide we have provided we are sure you can be great in no time.

So Is Hand Washing My Car The Best Option?

Hand washing your car will allow you to ensure that all the troublesome areas are taken care of, it can also double as being a technique in finding and preventing any future troubles on your cars exterior. Nothing is worse than conducting regular washes but through an auto wash or by an amateur where they look over and miss troubled areas which can lead to future damages.

When you choose to hand wash your car you will also benefit from the drying methods used by professional detailers, these car drying methods will help prevent scratches and swirls like the image below as well as preventing water marks left behind by amateurs or automatic car washes.

Automatic car washes and amateur detailers can cause irreversible damage to your car while also not completing the job you entrusted to them, why take the risk when you can choose a professional at Drip Auto Pros, Book now by clicking here! You can also reach us for Calgary Semi Truck Detailing.