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Headlight Restoration

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Headlight Restoration In Calgary

If you need headlight restoration in Calgary you are at the right place. At Drip Detailing you are treated by our auto detailing technicians trained in detailing with years of experience. Are your lights losing their brightness? Visibility while you are driving is not only of the most importance for yourself but also your fellow drivers sharing the road. Bring your vehicle to Drip Detailing and remove years of built up oxidation on your lights with a good quality headlight restoration from your trusted mobile / garage auto detailers in Calgary!

Why You Should Restore Your Headlights

A simple bulb replacement does not often just fix the issue of hazy headlights alone. The issue is usually likely due to the scratches and yellowing from the sun light and constant travel on roads.We first remove the cloudiness and then apply a lens sealant protecting the headlight from future damage for up to 5 years! With our two step process we ensure that your headlights not only increase light projection by 50 to 100% but also keep that same consistency for years to come.


You will be able to see farther and much better at night increasing your safety and your fellow drivers safety!


It can be a costly process to install new headlights,that is why most individuals opt for a complete headlight restoration at a portion of the cost.


Unlike the do it yourself kits you buy at your local automotive store, the Drip Detailing headlight restoration process keeps your headlights shining for years to come!

Why You Shouldn't Restore Your Headlights At Home

Our team will never just begin working on removing car paint chips until we completely analyze the vehicle and look for defects in the vehicles paint, we don’t just check the common areas but will look for paint chips in all the hidden areas you may not expect. In Calgary many common areas where paint chips can occur are commonly overlooked, a thorough inspection will help identify the paint chip repair Calgary you car will need.